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Do you want (need) more?

First, my father wanted me to be an anesthesiologist. He then supported her wish to become a nurse anesthetist. In the end, it was, how about just a regular nurse?
The closer I got to enrolling in journalism school, he was practically begging me to do something else. There was no money in it, he told me. But I didn't care. I wanted to write. And four years later, when I accepted an entry-level sportswriter position, the $26,000 annual salary seemed like more money than I could ever spend.
It didn't take long before I realized dad was right. A career as a writer is not particularly lucrative. Especially not for most 22 year olds.
I had to save money. I got by on Campbell's Chunky for a while. I found some very professional looking shirts in the thrift store. I found that if you filled your tank at night, the cool air would contract the gas molecules and you could get more mileage for your money. (Don't quote me the science behind that theory. There's a reason I didn't become an anesthesiologist.)
Eventually I got pretty tired of "The Soup That Eats Like Meal." Never mind wanting more money, I needed more. Student loans and credit card payments were eating me alive.
And then one day, miraculously, a friend from another company needed help with a project, and I discovered freelance writing. – my first helping hand. It's amazing that they don't teach freelance classes at journalism school. Without it, I would be doing something else right now – something else. But the extra income from my hustle has allowed me to continue writing. It got me through the early years of lean life and getting to that point, where I can do work that I love and that serves others and paying the bills.
A side hustle can work two ways:either it helps you financially, like in my case, or it helps feed your soul as a passion project. If self-determination is your passion, your hustle, then you've picked the right LadiesBelle I/O problem. .

If self-determination is your passion, your hustle, then you've picked the right LadiesBelle I/O problem. .

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I'd say you couldn't ask for anything more. But you are a scammer, you always ask for more. That's why this issue is dedicated to you.