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The powerful look you need to get ahead

Women are succeeding in their careers more than ever. We make our voices heard and our hard work noticed, and we rise to the top because we believe in ourselves .
You have believing in yourself and what you wear to the office matters. Your appearance represents how you see yourself, and if you want to be powerful, you must first look and feel powerful.
Whether you're aiming for a promotion, leading an important meeting, or just present a revolutionary idea, you have to show confidence and it starts with your outfit. Here are some ways to dress for the occasion while still being coordinated, comfortable and professional.
Wear your favorite outfit.
You should always dress to impress for your work. When you like the way you look, you will feel good about yourself and your confidence will radiate, becoming visible to your boss and co-workers. Wear an outfit that feels familiar and boosts your mood instantly. This could mean getting into a tailored power suit, donning your favorite dress, or grabbing your favorite handbag.
You can use your company's dress code and office environment as guidelines, but aim to outdo your usual daily outfit. Choose an outfit that makes you feel strong, confident and powerful. The idea is to portray and project such confidence that it is contagious to your colleagues. They will be subconsciously more likely to listen to you, take action, and support you with intention.
Pay attention to the fit.
Your clothes should fit snugly and give you enough room to move around comfortably . When you have a lot on your plate, both on your mind and on your desk, you want to prevent uncomfortable clothes from adding to your stress levels. The calmer you are when leading a meeting or confronting your boss for a raise, the better you will be at expressing your wants and needs for your career.
Accessorize accordingly.
Go for simple, classic pieces like a gold watch, kitten heels or a black leather handbag. Speaking of handbags, pick one that's big enough to hold your laptop or files, but not so big that it's bulky to carry to and from business meetings. Stick to a structured shape, which looks more organized, and choose a style with plenty of internal pockets to stay organized.
The great thing about fashion is its ability to affect someone's perception, including understand yours! If you look good, you will feel good, and this will be reflected in the way you behave and present yourself in an awkward situation. If you can handle these opportunities with serenity and positivity, chances are your peers will give you the respect and authority you deserve. Stand tall and wear your powerful look with pride. Plus, there's no better way for a woman to excel in her career than to look fabulous.
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