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15 reasons why dogs should be allowed in the office

The 21st century workplace is an area of ​​great progress, as conventional wisdom about what makes a productive and healthy environment gives way to science-backed solutions. Many companies are not only discovering that productivity is not the end of working life, but that productivity can skyrocket when mental, physical, and spiritual well-being become a priority.
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All of this is a long-winded way of saying:having a dog in your workplace can be good for your souland your company. A dog in the workplace can help unite the team and encourage them to take breaks. It can make employees feel that working in the office is part of a complete, productive and rewarding lifestyle. Moments well spent rather than a chore to get away from. All of this contributes to reduced stress and an upbeat atmosphere in which to work for great results.
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To learn more about why you should consider doing this in your workplace, check out this new guide. Come on, a dog in the office – what could go wrong?