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How to get a job with no experience

What is the most common way for young and inexperienced people to apply for a job?

Most of them enter a website, choose a few job offers, send their CV and, in the best case, also attach a cover letter.

And then, for the rest of the day, they sit somewhere, drinking coffee with their unemployed friends, complaining about how wrong all employers are for not offering them a job.

Not so great as it sounds, right? And in the evening, they usually get pretty depressed because they do the same thing over and over again for a few months without even getting a single call for a job interview.

The truth is, to get a job when you have no experience at all, you first have to realize that often most companies don't employ the most skilled and hardworking people, but the ones who know how to sell themselves. way and then keep their job.

If we have to say it in other words, to get a job when you have no work experience, you have to be impartial enough and consider even if you would hire yourself before applying for a certain position. Here are some ideas you can use:

Would you like to get involved?

No matter what you think, this is actually a pretty important question you should ask yourself before asking someone else to hire you. In other words, you must confess if you are responsible, loyal and professional enough to get the job, whether you are applying for a job as a waiter, doctor, architect, etc.

Choosing the right approach

There are no strict rules to follow when applying for a job. It is not a book and no theory can help you put everything you have read into practice. However, there are several basic tips you can follow to get the job you're applying for, even if you don't have the necessary experience.

Stay focused

Instead of applying for different jobs you know nothing about at companies you haven't researched, try to stay focused on one position and apply to two or three companies. This will give you the opportunity to do research for the company and its employees, which will help you keep up to date with the details. And knowing the details will give you a leg up on any other candidate.

CV and cover letter

Don't even think about sending a standard CV – it will make you look like everyone else and you will have no competitive advantage. However, you must remember that your CV is crucial for getting a job, so a good idea is to try to make it different, especially since you have no work experience. There are many non-standard CV examples on the Internet, and you can find some good ideas if you devote enough time to it.

When applying for a job, don't forget to send a cover letter as well. It is absolutely unacceptable to send a resume without a few sentences in the accompanying email. Also, try to write your cover letter freely and make sure it is different from the clichés and all the “best practices”.

Try not to match the standards

Be visible and unusual. And that, of course, doesn't mean putting on extravagant clothes or anything like that. The important thing is to be unconventional but to show your future employers that you are motivated and energetic, and not just another hello. There is a subtle difference between these two things, so be really careful.

Make an offer they can't refuse

Now is the right time to attack and be absolutely ruthless. Make an offer your future employer can't refuse, which means the offer should be sufficiently consistent and fit for the job.

Also take into account that employers are very cautious when choosing a candidate who has no experience. What will make the difference is to offer:

• some results;
• work for free until you get the results you have discussed;
• be flexible;
• be sincere and show how much you love the company and how badly you want the job
• suggest starting at a lower position than you actually deserve

With this step, you literally sweep away all the competition if we can call it a competition. This demonstrates drive and ambition, as well as a strong interest and confidence in your own knowledge and abilities. It's a step that hardly anyone would do, and that's exactly why it usually makes such a strong impression.