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Who are the rich self-made women of 2016?

Every now and then it's important to realize which women have reached an above-average level, how did they do it? We have always been a big fan of self-made men and women, people who have come a long way in life on their own. For example as an expert in a specific scientific field, as an artist or simply by having become very rich on their own. That is also a great achievement. This is still more difficult for women to achieve than for men. The fact is, women generally earn significantly less than men in similar positions. Recently, Minister Jet Bussemaker has reserved 5 million for promoting female professors at universities. Women can still use a helping hand. When it comes to getting really rich, you automatically look to America.

Rich self-made women In our opinion, rich is not a dirty word, certainly not if you manage to amass a lot of wealth on your own. We think that's great, and you definitely have to work hard for it. Forbes magazine makes a top 100 of the most influential men and women every year. There are no Dutch or Belgian women on it and only one from Germany:Angela Merkel of course. There are handfuls of American women on the list, but of course it is also an American magazine. They also have a specific 2016 list of the richest self-made women. We thought Oprah would be at the top, but it's at number 2. At number 1 is Diane Hendricks. Never heard of it, and you probably haven't either. What made her rich? With a company in supplies for roofers. So you see, money is everywhere you don't expect it. Also on this list is Sarah Blakely who got rich with Spanx, the staple material for shapewear. This list mainly consists of women you don't know from TV, the music world or the movies. They have made their own fortune with the right things, such as food, IT, clothing or accessories.

Who are the rich self-made women of 2016?
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When it comes to such rich self-made women, we always feel that it is not for us. The ideal way to get rich is of course winning a large amount once. That's probably the only way for us. If you commit to it, you can earn good money by placing bets. And it's not just men. Not on the list above, but also very successful:professional poker player Vanessa Selbst. She is the most successful – female – professional gambler. In total, she has won more than 10 million dollars. She probably also started small, with smaller parties. That is something that is also possible for an average person. You can also take a gamble online, at Betway for example. They have a wide range of games and extensive explanations about how it works. Vanessa Selbst was also a coach on an online casino site.

Who are the rich self-made women of 2016?
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One of the youngest women on the Forbes list is Sophia Amoruso, only 32 years old. She made her fortune selling clothes online. She specializes in vintage clothing. Her shop started on Ebay, under the name Nasty Gal Vintage. She has also written a book #girlboss, a very famous catchphrase these days. It is specifically about how to start a successful online business as a (young) woman. This is also something that is basically possible for everyone. When it comes to self-made women, Oprah Winfrey still tops our list. Unfortunately, you don't see her on Dutch TV anymore, but this is a woman who has reached the top in terms of prestige, influence and wealth

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