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How to make a business plan?

Business plan:the key to success

Why make a business plan? Some start-up creators believe that with a clever idea and a little personal branding, investors will squeeze themselves in the door. But investors need to project themselves with you in the growth of your business and know when it will generate profits. Nothing should focus your efforts more than writing a flawless business plan. You can use this 5-point plan to make sure you don't miss anything:

1. Opportunity:Identify what is lacking in your market and why it is the right time to intervene.

2. Context:Think regulations, technology, competition… Highlight your strategy to fit into this whole ecosystem.

3. Financial Resources:How will you stimulate the growth of your business?

4. Strengths and weaknesses:Prove that you are realistic by assessing the risks that could harm your business, as well as the strengths that will allow you to address them.

5. Who are the project leaders? Introduce the founders of the company.

Business plan:Prove the potential of your idea

What investors want to know is if you are targeting a market that has potential. Demonstrating that this is the case and that they will be able to benefit from it will be much more convincing than a long speech. To do this, support your consumer panel business plan. If you have already started your business and need funds to diversify your business, attach the results of a survey of your customers to your business plan. A realistic business plan also includes a study of the area of ​​activity in which you intend to take market share. Is it a conservative field or, on the contrary, very innovative and which requires a renewal of the offer? What is the average break-even point? Think about all the questions you would ask if you were asked to invest in a new business.

Business plan:Speak the language of investors

Don't fall into the trap of not thinking about the company's short-term future, because that's what investors care about. You must be able to explain to your investors in what form they will be able to recover their assets and in what time frame. If you plan to resell your business, what strategy will you put in place to get the best price? There is no universal business plan template where you just need to enter your company details. Remember that investors want to see your uniqueness. There is no worse way to dissuade them from investing than to provide them with a copy-pasted document without originality. Focus on the key skills of your project, what differentiates you and makes you strong.