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Professional reorientation:5 good reasons to change jobs

Unless you don't have the required skills

Over the years, your position has evolved and it's a bit like continuing to look glamorous in a sweater deformed by time or shrunken by washing:it takes a lot of tricks, but no one is fooled. Especially not you. You were perfect for this job, but not only does the company ask you to do a lot more with a lot less resources, but, above all, the new tools, the new software, the new interfaces put in place over the years, you never got used to it. This distorts your profession, it no longer resembles you at all. And you struggle to appear comfortable and efficient, which you no longer are. It's time to change jobs.

Unless there is no possible evolution

You used to like your job, but after a few years of doing the exact same thing eight hours a day, five days a week, you think it might be a good time to change jobs. Within the structure that currently employs you, you have carefully studied the question:no possible evolution. No other position is likely to become available or suitable for you. To progress in your life, you need to consider a career change.

Unless you are completely unmotivated

Your job, you know it by heart, you have been around it, and several times! As long as you feel dizzy and it's nauseating that you go to the office. You don't know exactly how to change jobs at 30, but with good advice, you can do it. Just thinking about a new professional orientation, you find the smile! Take advantage of your boredom to gather useful information to change jobs.

Unless you're in the closet

A few months ago, you were in all the meetings, all the decision-making, but it seems that we are doing very well without you lately. At the time of the last meeting to determine the objectives of the box, no one came to disturb you during the sharpening of your pencils or your bonsai, it is a bad sign. Not to mention that young recruits have just taken up the positions you were aiming for. Presumably, the hierarchy is no longer betting on you. It's time to change jobs and companies. Why not use these downtimes to take stock of your skills?

Unless you get wind of an opportunity

You have always wanted to open an interior decoration shop, but you have never dared to take the risk. Life has made you a great accountant, and antique hunting and making fun throw pillows, you save that for rainy weekends. Coralie, your best friend, with whom you like to hunt around, has decided to get started:she is opening her shop. She's a little scared, especially since she and the numbers make two. Do not miss an opportunity to do a job you love, you will regret it until retirement, and even beyond!