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Home insurance with swimming pool and outbuildings:what are the particularities?

Home insurance with swimming pool and outbuildings:what are the particularities?

Should you insure your swimming pool and outbuildings when you are already covered by home insurance? Here is some information that will help you better understand the role and operation of this insurance when you have this type of layout.

How does swimming pool insurance work?

As soon as you have a swimming pool installed, you must declare it to your insurer. The owner must subscribe to an extension to his contract. Like home insurance, swimming pool insurance must cover at least fire, water damage and storms. Certain guarantees such as theft, glass breakage and vandalism are optional. However, it is recommended to subscribe to it when the pool is equipped with the following elements:

  • A protective barrier,
  • A pool cover,
  • A standard pool enclosure.

Warranty extension is essential to cover damage to certain equipment such as:

  • The technical room,
  • The pool robot,
  • The pumping equipment,
  • Heating and water filtration devices,
  • Security devices such as alarms for example.

Some insurers exclude the following guarantees:

  • Damage resulting from the weight of snow on a swimming pool cover,
  • Valuables (jewelry vacuumed during pool cleaning cannot be refunded),
  • The theft of swimming pool material or equipment when they are located outdoors and not in a locked room.

Insurance companies also provide an extended warranty for certain types of installations such as the jacuzzi and the spa . However, above ground and inflatable pools are not supported by insurance.

The warranty extension is also valid for dependencies , provided that the structures are isolated from the main dwelling .

How to choose your swimming pool and outbuildings home insurance policy?

When you own your pool and have added outbuildings in the annex, it is strongly recommended to opt for a multi-risk home contract or MRH contract. This insurance is perfectly suited to this type of equipment. The specificities of the swimming pool and the outbuildings are taken into consideration.

The multi-risk home contract covers the material goods of the insured but also bodily injury caused to a third party (Public liability). The MRH contract generally includes the following guarantees:

  • Fire,
  • Break glass,
  • Flight,
  • Water damage,
  • Natural disasters.

Depending on the type of MRH contract subscribed, the compensation in the event of a claim can be calculated as follows:

  • Replace value :it corresponds to the price of the good at the time of purchase and remains the same throughout the duration of the contract. This option has an impact on the amount of the contribution.
  • Actual value :it takes into account the wear and tear of the property to be replaced or reimbursed, this is what insurers call obsolescence.

Cost of home insurance

The price of home insurance with a swimming pool and outbuildings extension is variable. It depends on:

  • The surface of the accommodation and that of the outbuildings,
  • From the value of the pool,
  • The quality of the occupant (tenant or owner of the dwelling),
  • The nature and value of the goods,
  • The type of dwelling (detached house, apartment, residence, etc.),
  • The location of the accommodation,
  • The nature of warranties and options.

To know precisely the cost of such insurance, it is advisable to request several quotes . Upon receipt, the interested party can read the offers, conditions, prices and choose the formula that best suits them financially while fully covering their home, swimming pool and outbuildings.