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Use this trick to improve table position in Microsoft Word

The challenge: Place two Microsoft Word tables side by side, each in a different format.

The solution: Something that forces you to think. “inside the box.”

Users have had a love-hate relationship with tables. You love them because Word tables let you lay out documents exactly the way you want. You hate them because getting them right takes all the table formatting tricks. 8 Formatting Tips for Perfect Tables in Microsoft Word 8 Formatting Tips for Perfect Tables in Microsoft Word Tables in Microsoft Word are essential formatting tools. Find out how to use them to their fullest potential with these simple tips. Read More

But sometimes, tables need help. And for the problem of placing two miscellaneous tables side by side, we look to the humble TextBox .

Underrated tool for perfect designs

You can insert two or more tables side by side in Microsoft Word 2016 – all you have to do is drag and drop them anywhere in the document. But sometimes it's hard to get a table or several independent tables exactly where you want them to go.

So use a text box as a container. Since text boxes can be placed anywhere with ease, and since the content of text boxes can be formatted, and since you can slide a table inside a text box, this makes for a nifty solution .

Open your Word document. From the ribbon, click Insert>Text Box (in text group)> Draw text box , and draw a text box on the document.

Click inside the text box and add a table by clicking Insert> Table (choose the number of rows and columns).

Make the borders of the text box disappear. Click in the text box, then select Drawing Tools> Format> Shape Outline> No Outline .

You can insert another text box next to the first text box as a container for another table.

The simplicity of this method gives you the freedom to create two different types of tables independent of each other and format them differently. To format a table, select each table. Then go to Table Tools> Layout .

That's it!

What is your favorite word table theme? Perhaps a single piece of advice from you can solve our biggest problems.