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25 signs you're a creative type

The world would be a very different place if there were no creative people. Think of all art, music, books and anything else that comes from a creative mind. Creativity knows no boundaries. But the gift to create is not obvious to everyone. Some are just being creative without adhering to certain clichés of what creativity really means. In fact, a lot of creative people are not fully aware of their gift. If you want to know if you are also a creative person, check out the 25 signs below.

1. You are good at solving problems and you like to do it

2. You are highly motivated

3. You take the time to think

4. You like to play

5. You don't go with the crowd

6. You have written down many ideas and plans

7. You can express yourself well

8. You are empathic

9. You ask a lot of questions

10. You hate stereotypes

11. You have the Flow

12. You daydream regularly

13. You will not miss anything

14. You are sensitive

15. You like new experiences

16. You can get things done

17. You understand the power of the universe

18. You don't do things for the money

19. You experience emotional highs and lows

20. You are always looking for inspiration

21. You don't bend under pressure from outside

22. You understand the difference between fantasy and reality

23. You are expressive from a young age

24. You don't wait for opportunities, you create them

25. You chase your dreams and live your passions