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Work:getting off to a good start after the holidays

How do you deal with the back-to-school blues?

Almost inevitable, the back-to-school blues are particularly difficult to live with. The routine replaces the dolce vita, and stress and urgent files end up getting the better of all the serenity acquired during the holidays. To manage depression, set modest goals for a smooth restart! We know that back to school is often synonymous with rush, so organize your return with an agenda to follow to the letter. Thus, you will know your daily tasks to be carried out. You will also avoid indulging in procrastination, protecting you from the overflow and stress that comes with it. And then finally, is it so bad that the mailbox is overflowing? Take a step back, you will get there.

Extend the little pleasures of the holidays

Aperitifs on the terrace, cocktails and evenings with friends are not just for holidays! To avoid suffering this famous post-back-to-school blues, prolong the little pleasures that you appreciate so much during your holidays. If you took advantage of your rest to start a sporting activity, continue! If you have rediscovered the pleasures of reading, abandon yourself to your novel as soon as you return home.

Prepare for your return to school and put things into perspective!

Some only manage to refocus in the middle of the week following their return, others have sorted their mailbox from Monday 10 a.m.… faced with stress and returning to work, each one is unique. However, to avoid feeling overwhelmed, you can prepare well for your return to school. Make a phone call to one of your colleagues, to quickly get up to date with the latest files in progress. Take a quick look at your work email to see what the week has in store for you. This way, you will be better prepared for your return, and for the abundance of work on Monday morning, after two weeks of absence.