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Real estate loan with 2 permanent contracts:advice

Real estate loan with 2 permanent contracts:advice

Having two permanent contracts and applying for a mortgage opens up all possibilities. Professional stability is one of the criteria determining access to a loan and couples with a stable and sustainable activity have every chance. Nevertheless, apart from the professional situation, the bank also scrutinizes other elements whose stakes are just as capital.

Professional situation:a key criterion for obtaining a mortgage

For banks, stability is the mother of security. This is why they tend to favor borrowers with permanent contracts or civil servants rather than others. Why ? Quite simply because the main risk feared by lenders is to allocate funds to people who ultimately fail to repay their monthly payments. There is nothing worse for a creditor than to trust a borrower who ends up not honoring his commitments. It is for this reason that he is particularly strict about the professional situation of the applicant.

A couple with a permanent contract represents the ideal profile. As his activity is framed by the indefinite nature of his employment contract, he enjoys better stability and has no problems paying his monthly installments. This is not necessarily obvious for fixed-term contracts, temporary workers, liberal professions or self-employed workers who do not benefit from this job security.

The importance of taking care of your file despite two permanent contracts

Borrowing with two CDIs is good. Borrowing with the most polished profile is even better. Of course, professional stability plays in favor of borrowers, but it is not the only criterion taken into consideration by banking establishments. The latter also impose other important conditions such as the debt ratio. By comparing the couple's expenses and income, the bank verifies whether they have adequate borrowing capacity to take out a loan without unbalancing the family budget. It is imperative that the debt ratio does not exceed 33%, otherwise accessing the loan will become a tough task. In addition, the rest to live is also scrutinized. It is necessary that after the payment of the monthly installments, the borrower has enough money to continue to live normally.

On average, a couple must have a remainder to live of 1300 to 1500 euros. Another thing:the bank will take into account the personal contribution provided. A couple on permanent contracts who are unable to make a personal financial contribution to the project may be subject to exclusion. The contribution must represent at least 10% of the total amount of the loan and can come from savings, the sale of real estate, a donation, an inheritance or even a family loan. . Finally, it is imperative for a couple even on a permanent contract to present a healthy financial situation. Repeated payment incidents and bank overdrafts are redhibitory criteria.

Easily find a home loan with two permanent contracts

Although borrowing with two CDIs is favorable to borrowers, it is still necessary to find the right banking institution with which to carry out the project. There are two solutions for this:online comparators or credit brokers.

Online comparators have the advantage of offering a non-binding and free service. They allow competition between market offers and give a first idea of ​​what the credit could be if it is actually contracted. During the comparison, the borrower should focus primarily on the APR in order to know the real cost of borrowing.

With a broker, the service promises to be much more personalized. This professional takes care of the assembly of the loan file and carries out all the negotiations with the bank in order to obtain the best rates and conditions. He also offers tailor-made advice to his client in order to promote the success of the project.