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10 things we all do after work

We all know it can be exhausting coming home after a day at work. You would actually like to go to the gym or prepare a healthy meal, but if we are realistic, this is the most likely scenario:

1. The bra has to come off. And immediately.

2. Your outfit is exchanged for nice comfortable sweatpants or onesie.

3. The fridge opens, but you don't see anything you want to eat or cook.

4. You plop on the couch and check your social media via your smartphone.

5. You walk to the fridge again but this time for a glass of wine and a snack.

6. It's time to binge watch on Netflix.

7. You take a shower.

8. You try to meditate.

9. You are going to surf the internet.

10. You look at the clock and see that it is 23:00. Go to bed.