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Tips for a better work-family balance

Finding a good work-life balance these days seems like an impossible task. Thanks to all the new technology, employees are easily accessible throughout the day, so they can also continue to work at home. A never-ending workday is harmful, and not good for relationships, health and overall happiness. Here are some tips to help you find the balance that's good for you.

Make the mornings easier
Don't start the day in a hurry, and organize everything the night before. Make lunch for the kids, get their clothes (and yours) ready, pack your bag, and have everything you need close at hand before you head out the door tomorrow. Check your to do list for the next day, and prepare everything. That way you don't have to rush.

Time with your kids
Make sure you take time each day to spend with your kids. Before going to bed is a good time to spend time together. You can also discuss the day with the children (and your husband) during dinner, and then you can still give them attention.

Plan ahead
It is a good idea to plan the meals for the coming week and do the shopping for them. Cook for two days if necessary. This saves a significant amount of time and stress, and leaves more time to spend with the family.

Take care of yourself
This is very important and not an easy task for most working parents, but it is essential. This means taking the time to exercise, read a book, and take time out to de-stress. It also improves focus so you are not distracted and can be more productive.

Minimize distractions and waste of time
Be disciplined and set time limits when checking your emails or making phone calls, things you can do while the kids are asleep. Try to avoid multitasking, especially when spending time with your kids. Focus on your tasks at work and talk to colleagues during breaks or lunch.

Spend time with your partner
Don't forget the relationship with your partner! Spend enough time together, even alone. Talk to each other every day, plan a date night (or several) and try to eat together with the family as often as possible.