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How do I get a domain name?

Before you can launch a website, you will need to determine what name this website will have. Choosing your domain name is the first step you take towards realizing your website. And it is immediately a big step; this domain name will fill repeat visitors into the search bar when they want to quickly go to your website. So how can you claim a domain name?

Where can I buy my domain name?

Buying a domain name can be done at various parties. These parties are also known as registrars. Many hosting parties offer this service extra. That is very handy, since you can then arrange all your internet affairs with the same provider.

You usually register a domain name for one, two or three years. That time, the domain name is yours and no one else's. If you do not renew your domain name, the domain name will become available to everyone after this period.

Which domain name can you register?

The answer is simple:you can claim any available domain name. For example, are you still unsure about the name you want to use? Then you can register them all, so that you can be sure that you can use the domain names. Ultimately, of course, you can only have one domain name pointing to your website. However, you can redirect a similar domain name to your website. For example, Facebook allows, and to redirect to This way you can be sure that visitors will end up on your website.

Availability of your domain name

Before you can register your domain name, first check whether it is still available. If not, you can choose to find out who owns this domain name and see if you can take it over. However, it is a lot easier to choose a name that is simply available. For example, try coming up with a name that resembles the name of the domain you had in mind. Another option is to choose a different domain extension. This way you can register your desired domain name without any problems, but you will adjust the part after the dot. For example, do not choose .nl but .site.

Cost registering a domain name

Registering a domain name does not have to cost a lot. For example, a .nl domain name is possible from a tenner a year. Other domain extensions can cost more, for example a .amsterdam domain name. If you want a very easy word for a domain name, let's say 'car' or 'plane ticket', there can be high costs associated with this name. However, if you register a less common name such as 'autoverkopenzwolle' or 'find plane tickets', you will not run into this problem.

As soon as you have chosen your registrar, see your desired domain name available and you agree with the price, you can register the domain name. This is a piece of cake. It works exactly the same as any other online purchase.