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Recruitment interview:how to manage your stress?

Always prepare for your recruitment interview!

Meeting a recruiter for the first time is always daunting. Especially if the position is really popular, you tend to put a lot of pressure on your shoulders. And to be very demanding with ourselves! It is important to release the pressure a little, to settle down, to de-stress and to do things in order. First, prepare for your recruitment interview by mastering your subject! Read the job description carefully. Do research on the company, its activities, its size, if there are publications on this subject. Thus, you will be much more precise during the job interview, and your recruiter will see that you have invested yourself. The more you are prepared, the less surprised you will be by the questions, and the less stressed you will be!

Practice imagining job interview questions

To evacuate stress, nothing better than to put yourself in a situation with your friends or your companion. Tell them to ask you questions. "Strengths and weaknesses", "why apply for this job", "introduce yourself"... Practice speaking clearly and intelligibly. Structure your thinking, and try to formulate clear and precise answers! The more you anticipate the questions, the better you will be able to answer them during the job interview! Also master your gestures:your posture, the way you sit on the chair, whether you cross your legs… All these elements say a lot about your state of mind and your stress during a recruitment. Do a repetition while trying to master your gestures. No hands in the hair, no pen chewing!

Some exercises to stay calm during a recruitment

As with theater actors, breathing is the basis for combating stress. You can do exercises before the recruitment interview to work on your breathing. Lie on your back, put your hands on your stomach, close your eyes, and focus on your inhale and exhale. You must be in a quiet place, without noise, with soft light to perform this exercise! Inhale and exhale gently with the belly. You will feel your muscles relax and your body relax. Do not forget to eat well, prepare yourself a good breakfast before. Don't drink too much coffee. Instead, drink a squeezed fruit juice and a large glass of mineral water. Sleep well the night before the job interview, and don't go to bed late, to be in good shape the next day. And then, for the most superstitious, take your lucky charm with you!