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How extruded plastics are used in the medical sector

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Extruded plastics are widely used in the medical sector due to their great qualities. The reason for this is that extruded plastics are the preferred solution for hygiene, flexibility and smooth prototyping – especially in the medical industry for products such as medical tubing. Primo is one of the main suppliers. Additionally, Primo is one of the world's leading suppliers of packaging tubes.

What is the medical tubing for?

Medical tubing is flexible plastic tubing widely used in the medical industry. Here they are used for many different things. A good example is clinicians who have used them to administer fluids or for gas flow. Some of the very common applications that use medical tubing are IVs and ventilators, but medical tubing can be found in a very wide range of machines and devices. Tubes can be used in a wide variety of situations. The tubes can for example be used to drive catheters in cardiac catheterizations and much more. For this reason, extruded plastic medical tubing is very useful and helps save lives every day.

Primo is one of the prime examples of a company that produces medical tubing from extruded plastics. The tubes Primo produces are used for things like; x-ray tubes, corrugated tubes, bubble tubes, wire-embedded tubes, single or multi-lumen tubes and many more. Primo designs and develops tubes from start to finish. They specialize in creating these tubes and offer fast and flexible prototyping for customers who need custom medical tubing.

Packaging tubes

In addition to being a global supplier of medical tubing, Primo is also a global supplier of high quality plastic packaging for automotive electronics. Electronic components for cars and the automotive industry in general require maximum security. Primo specializes in the design and production of high-quality, protective plastic profiles for automotive electronics.

What makes Primo packaging-tubes special?

So what makes Primo packaging tubes special and of the highest quality? Above all, Primo has a very long experience in creating this type of product. Packaging tubes fit perfectly into Primo's area of ​​expertise, which is one of the reasons why Primo can create packaging tubes of extraordinary quality. Packaging tubes can be created in many types of polymer-based materials and in custom designs. Primo's packaging tubes always offer a safe solution including:

  • Advanced product that improves product handling
  • A custom design made specifically for your needs
  • Many kinds of material options available
  • Fast and flexible delivery terms

What is extruded plastic?

So what is extruded plastic? Extruded plastic is plastic that has undergone an extrusion process. Extrusion is where the material, in this case plastic, undergoes a process with a very special tool called a die, which creates a very special extruded product.

Plastic extrusion is in other words a process in which the polymer material is melted and formed in a continuous process. In addition, the polymer is enriched with all the desired additives, to obtain the desired end product.

Different types of plastic extrusion:

1. Tube extrusion

Tube extrusion is a type of extrusion that is used when the desired end product is pipes and tubes. To create this, air with positive internal pressure is applied and the pipes or tubes are placed in cold water after exiting the die.

2. Blown film extrusion

Blown film extrusion is a type of extrusion used to produce plastic film tubes. Here, the tube of molten film is cooled before leaving the die, creating a semi-solid tube. Then this can be blown to the desired size. This is for example used to produce shopping bags.

3. Sheet film extrusion

This type of extrusion is used for films that are too thick to be blown. Therefore, a series of chill rolls are used to regulate sheet thickness and flexibility.

4. On jacket extrusion

Last but not least, there is the extrusion of the sheath. This unique type of extrusion is used for wire coating. To do this, the yarn is pulled through the middle of a die. The wire is then covered with molten plastic while it is still in the die and as it exits the die it is pressurized. This creates the plastic coating around the wires as we now have to protect ourselves by using the wires to electrocute ourselves.

There you will find a detailed article on extruded plastics and their use. Few people really understand what extruded plastics are, even though they are essential to our lives and are used in large quantities every day. Hope this article has given you a better understanding of the possibilities offered by medical tubing and packaging tubing, while also educating you about extruded plastics.