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Me-time with Pure Me Retreats for moms and mommy-to-be's

Becoming a mother… it has quite an impact. On your body, but also mentally. Sometimes you really need the time to grow to the moment when your little one is ready to come into the world. In all the hustle and bustle, it is important to keep in mind that you also make time for yourself. Me time. You have probably already heard good advice, such as, for example, 'take a rest if you can, because it will not come back'. For me, one that I still think about regularly.

Pure Me Retreats, the specialist in "life-changing" experiences, has responded by offering retreats in Zeeland especially for moms and "mommy-to-be's". Recharge your batteries completely at yoga and wellness or find your inner peace with the help of a personal coach; afterwards you start reborn on that one new step in your life.

Wonder in your belly? Enjoy your me-time

During the Mommy-2-Be-Retreat you will be well pampered as a pregnant woman. You learn to consciously enjoy pregnancy and to relax optimally. Are you insecure? That is also discussed. You're not alone you know! The Mommy-2-Be-Retreat is a 6-day journey in which you can completely unwind. From yoga to a photo shoot and from a massage to a nice silent walk. Me-time at its best!

Escape-to-nature with your baby

The Mommy &Baby-Retreat is also delicious if you have already given birth. With this 6-day trip you will get away from it all with your baby. You learn to massage your baby and get a beautiful baby shoot. Also handy… when you need some time for yourself at yoga or wellness, the maternity nurses are happy to babysit. There are also baby experts available to answer all your questions.

Now I'm not in the babies anymore, but the setup really appeals to me! Just the thought of some me-time with yoga and wellness seems delicious 🙂 . Who knows, there may be a retreat for working mothers who are looking for the right balance between work and private life when they also offer retreats in Ibiza and Bali in 2016!

* credits photos : Fermont Photography