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Working happily or being unhappy at home, no choice for me

This question was asked to me last Wednesday, a day after my job interview. Two other ('forced' stay at home) mothers and I were enjoying lunch on the terrace in the sun.
By forced I mean because our men have been offered a job here and we have shared this adventure with both hands, but there is no question of working happily for me for a while.
Mother 1 is due from their second offspring in two weeks. Mother 2 has three Brussels sprouts.

Happy working or rather not?

Mother 2 asked me whether working would really make me happy. The first time I met her we had just lived abroad for 3 months and I felt very lonely and useless! At the time she asked me how I found life in Lux and I told her that I was not yet completely comfortable in my own skin and that sitting at home is not for me in particular. Excuse me ladies (for those who care) but I was just not born for the stay-at-home-mom principle!

My house was clean, the groceries always in order, I had a lot of fun with our son and I really enjoyed being able to experience everything from him!! But oh, how bored I was!!!!! I no longer felt equal in my relationship, a boring mother and useless to society. Because I no longer had a physical and mental challenge, it was very difficult for me to fall asleep and if I sat on the couch for a while to watch t.v. (which I was not allowed to watch before 5:00 pm) I felt guilty towards my partner. I would then come up with all kinds of make-up 'apologies' such as; He also officially has an hour break a day. Do you recognize that?

I had the feeling that I was on duty 24/7 and realized that weekends were going to be the same for me as during the week and that a holiday would not be as relaxing for me. Then the walls flew at me. I had to go back to work!
In addition, I also had a strong feeling that I was failing our son by just keeping him with me, because as soon as he saw other people, especially children, he got a smile on his face face and chatted outright. He immediately made contact. Once back home I felt so sorry for him that he would be alone with me again, that didn't seem nice for such an enterprising man!

The answer

I believe that I can only keep my partner and child(ren) happy if I am happy myself. And therefore I can say wholeheartedly; YES, I can happily work, because sitting at home is not for me.

How about that for you? Would you choose 'happy working' or would you rather be at home?