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5 tips for more responsible parties

5 tips for more responsible parties

Abundant purchases, food waste, ephemeral and polluting decorations:the end-of-year celebrations are often viewed with a dim view by environmentalists. Christmas offers a somewhat magical magical atmosphere, it must be admitted, but it is also THE period of overconsumption par excellence. What if we told you that combining eco-responsibility and generosity while spending an unforgettable New Year's Eve was possible? Occasionally of the World Climate Day on December 8 , discover all our tips for eco-responsible parties!

1. A zero waste Christmas tree:an idea that doesn't smell like a Christmas tree!

My beautiful tree, king of waste! According to a Kantar study from 2020, nearly 7 million Christmas trees were sold in 2019, including almost a million artificial trees. Did you know that the Christmas tree is considered waste? It is indeed part of “green” waste. Fertilizers, pesticides:your Christmas tree is not as natural as you think! To overcome this problem, many sites offer trees in various materials such as wood, fabric or even paper! Companies are doubling their ingenuity to offer consumers fascinating and original sustainable trees! Treat yourself to the recycled paper tree from La Redoute by Aubry Gaspard or the tubular tree from Cultura to assemble yourself. To go even further, you can also adopt a living tree with Treezmas. The principle is simple:you choose your tree, the company delivers it to you in its pot directly at your home and collects it once the festivities are over. It will then be replanted and will continue to grow in a benevolent way.

2. To decorate, do your shopping in the forest!

Instead of running around the shops looking for the traditional garlands and baubles to decorate your tree, why not put on your boots and go for a walk in the forest ? Nature conceals unsuspected treasures, secretly nestled in the hollow of a tree trunk or perched on a snow-covered branch. Pine cones, reddish autumn leaves, crisp wooden branches:your decoration is all found! Take out the brushes, paint and string and you're done! You are not a great textbook? Don't worry, it's a fun activity within everyone's reach:children and adults alike! You can even recycle by keeping glass containers and tin cans, for example. Find your inspirations on Pinterest or on I'm becoming green and give free rein to your overflowing imagination. Nothing is too good for magical parties!

3. Put the package for your gift wrapping!

Did you know that according to Greenflex, a company specializing in sustainable development, the French buy nearly 20,000 tonnes of gift wrap every year for the holiday season? When we know the fate reserved for them, it is useless to specify the quantity of waste generated. Have you heard of Furoshiki? This term refers to the art of Japanese folding using a fabric wrapper with various patterns. This centuries-old practice is beginning a meteoric rise in the West. Perfect your technique with the Ecoconso tutorial, bring color under the tree and impress your loved ones. If you don't have a spare fabric, practice upcycling:cut your clothes that are too small and transform them into gift wrapping in a jiffy. The Furoshiki:an eco-chic approach! If you don't like the idea, why not recycle your old newspapers or magazines and turn them into unique and colorful gift packages?

4. A seasonal menu:offer winter on the plate

According to an Ipsos poll conducted in 2017, nearly 30% of French people admit to wasting food during the holiday season. The first rule of responsible and reasoned consumption is to eat only seasonal foods. Greenpeace has compiled a non-exhaustive list of the main reasons to prioritize seasonal local food :

  • it's better for your health thanks to nutrients adapted to each seasonality;
  • this encourages short circuits. Take an interest in the origin of the products you buy or pick them up directly from the producers!;
  • it's taking a step for the environment by limiting transport, packaging and the use of fertilizers.

In December:mushrooms, leeks and other citrus fruits invite themselves to your table. Remember to print the calendar of seasonal products and stick it on your fridge! Finally, to avoid food waste, rethink your proportions and if there are leftovers, don't hesitate to freeze them!

5. Economical ecological gifts!

Médiamétrie, in association with Fevad, conducted a survey in 2019 concerning the purchasing habits of the French for the end of year celebrations. It shows that the average budget for Christmas gifts is €255 per person. If you are concerned about the environment and your wallet, why not take advantage of Christmas to completely review the way you spoil your loved ones? For example, you can make an advent calendar for your children. Keep your rolls of toilet paper, provide glue, paint, a pair of scissors and let your heart speak:little words, small gifts or great attentions, every day has its surprise! Do you know the second-hand sites? Vinted or Leboncoin are, for example, real gold mines to fill your dressing room at a low price or for collectors of vinyl records, comic books or miniature cars. Does your brother want the latest fashionable smartphone? Go to Backmarket, the kingdom of refurbished goods that gives you access to the latest technologies at friendly prices. Limit your environmental impact by offering moments like a massage, a concert or an online course with Wonderbox. What if the gift was you? Let yourself be carried away by the magic of the moment, start volunteering and offer a precious and unquantifiable good:your time and your smile!

You know the adage:“the best waste is the one you don’t produce”. Treat yourself to an eco-friendly New Year's Eve:eco for ecology and economy!