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13 free newsletter templates you can print or email as PDF

If you're looking for free, printable newsletter templates for your business or group, look no further.

While many businesses and organizations send their newsletters via email 7 Free Responsive Email Newsletter Templates Your Readers Will Love 7 Responsive Email Newsletter Templates Your Readers Will Love Online businesses benefit from an email newsletter because can distribute information to customers. We show you how to make your newsletter look great with free, responsive templates. Read More You can place them in the company break room or teachers' lounge, distribute them after a school board meeting or church session, and distribute them to committee members, clubs, or community groups.

These newsletter templates can help you provide a consistent look and have easy-to-edit layouts. And remember, you can still send them as email attachments in addition to printing them.

Business Templates

Whether you want to share your company news with clients or provide an internal newsletter to employees, these templates are for you. And for more time-saving business templates, check out these options. 10 Office Time-Saving Templates 10 Office Time-Saving Templates Are there documents you write over and over again? Whether it's agendas, invoices, or meeting status reports, templates can make your job easier. We've collected 10 template ideas to save you time. Read more.

1. Company Newsletter

Share your company newsletter with customers using this attractive template. You can easily adjust the colors to those of your company. The first page has a nice formatted place for a quote from an executive or a testimonial from a client. You can also exchange the photos for those that show your company's products or services.

2. Business newsletter

Another company newsletter option is this one from Microsoft Office. You can fill four pages of information, which is ideal for quarterly or semi-annual newsletters when you have a lot to share. With a handy table of contents, special story banners, and a lovely look, this is a great free newsletter template for any type of business.

3. Employee Newsletter

To keep your employees up to date on what's happening with the company, use this clever newsletter template. Like the business newsletter, this one also has a table of contents so readers can jump to sections quickly. Additionally, industry news, an employee profile, birthdays, anniversaries, and upcoming events may appear.

Organization templates

When you want a free newsletter template for a club, church, community group, or charity, take a look at these options.

4. Charity Newsletter

If you need a newsletter template with lots of pages, this is the one for you. While a charity newsletter is titled, you can, of course, use it for other purposes. The main focus is the length of the template. It has a two column layout with locations for photos and images. The last page is well set up to display photos and contact information for organization, team, or committee members.

Please note that this template can only be downloaded in PDF format.

5. Church Bulletin

Another long template is this TidyForm option. Intended for churches, it contains 10 pages that are perfectly laid out for the kinds of details your congregation needs. You can include a schedule for mass, church projects, programs and classes, and even Bible passages or inspirational quotes.

Please note that this free newsletter template is downloadable in PDF format only.

6. Neighborhood Watch Bulletin

For local groups, homeowner associations, committees, and of course a neighborhood watch by template name, this is a great option. It can include upcoming events, helpful resources, FAQs, policies, and updates.

Please note that this template can only be downloaded in PDF format.

Education templates

For teachers, classes, and schools or parent-teacher conferences, school board meetings, and after-school groups, these templates are ideal. Students can also benefit from these helpful free templates. 15 Checklist, Schedule, and Planner Templates for Students. 15 Checklist, Schedule, and Planner Templates for Students. Our planning templates will help you keep track of classes and assignments. Whether you're a student or a parent, getting ready for the school year will be a breeze. Read more.

7. School newsletter, 2 columns.

Share what's going on with parents and what's going on with students using this neat template. It has a school theme, a two-column layout, and areas for assignments, highlights, events, and reminders. You can also use a spot for special recognition for students who really stand out for the week or month.

8. School newsletter, 3 columns.

This three-column, four-page newsletter template with an educational theme is perfect for the whole school. It offers news sections for each grade in the school, new students and staff, and has a table of contents on the front page for quick scanning. You can also include your school's photo, logo and motto to fully personalize it.

9. Primary School Newsletter

Don't be fooled by the name of this template, it can be used for more than just grade school news. It actually has more of a business-style look to it, so it's quite versatile. List news, events, community information, contact details, and add a few photos for a custom look.

Unique multi-use templates

You can use these free newsletter templates for most types of businesses or organizations. Each one offers something a little different, but they may be just what you need. And here are some options for business form templates that come in handy. 10 Free Business Form Templates You Must Have on Hand. 10 free business form templates you need to have on hand. Business templates can save you a lot of time. Here's a selection of business form templates that you can download for free. Read more.

10. Black Tie Design

If you want to stay away from color while maintaining a nice design, this template is perfect. You can take advantage of the sleek and novel look for most situations. And if you plan to print the newsletter, you don't have to worry about printers or color services.

11. Green Wave Design

When you want a newsletter in landscape view instead of portrait for folding, this layout is great. While it appears to only have two pages, there are actually four, making it suitable for printing and folding. The main section has a three-column layout, with later sections having four columns. So you can include a lot of detail for newsletters that you only distribute once or twice a year.

12. Newspaper layout

For a distinctive newspaper-style template, TidyForm offers this cool option. This free template has two pages and a place for a large image on the cover, just like a traditional newspaper. You can include a couple more photos on the second page and use the larger text areas to get the most important information. This clean option gives you an easy way to share news about your company or organization.

13. Design bow

If your business or organization needs a modern look for a newsletter, check out this attractive Microsoft Office arch design template. Offers pops of color with a geometric look. You can add some images if you like, highlight special interests, and add a quote from your CEO or president.

Do you like physical newsletters?

Maybe you'd like to hand out your newsletters for a more personal touch instead of sending them in an email.

If so, what type of company or organization do you use them for? Or maybe you've thought about it, but haven't found the right newsletter template How to Create Free Professional Newsletters in Minutes How to Create Free Professional Newsletters in Minutes Simple newsletters are hard enough, not to mention of those who are professional in appearance. . Here's a method that makes great newsletters much easier to create. Read More Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!