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Application tips for a conversation with a man or a woman

The best outcome of a job interview is, of course, that the job is for you! To get this news, making a good impression is very important. The way in which you answer the questions you get during a job application can depend on the gender of your interviewer.

Looking for a new job is the first step. Then the less fun work begins:writing a good letter and CV. If you do this successfully and are invited for an initial interview, the real work begins. Of course you want to answer comprehensively and correctly, but research has already shown that men and women communicate differently. That is why it is useful to take into account the gender of the person in front of you. A little preparation can make a big difference.

Conversation with a man
Men are generally more results-oriented than women. In your conversation, therefore, try to talk about concrete results that you have achieved with your current or previous employee(s). State firm facts and do not use too much imagery. Men take your comments literally. Show that you are independent and ask questions about the company's objectives in the conversation. A subtle joke shows that you would be a nice colleague.

Conversation with a woman
Women are more focused on processes, the way you have achieved performance. Talk about collaboration with colleagues and what your role was within the team. Women find it crucial that you fit well into the team and want to know more about you as a possible colleague. That is why you will get more personal questions from a woman than from a man. Share how you handled things and how it made you feel. This creates a bond during the conversation. Modesty is appreciated, but also show what you are proud of.

Appointment with a man and a woman
What do you do if your application is with both a man and a woman? Then you vary in your answers. Try to highlight both your personality and concrete results. Divide your attention equally and look them both in the eye, no matter who asked the question.

Of course, these tips do not work for every man or woman. Above all, it is important that you remain yourself and that you are honest. After all, you want them to hire you for who you are, not for how you come across.