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RTTs:what are they and how to use them properly?

What are RTTs?

The acronym RTT stands for Reduction of Working Time, which is counted in days. Legally, in France, an employee should work a maximum of 35 hours per week, and 1,600 hours per year. To avoid exceeding this number of hours, and if you have actually worked more than this maximum, your employer must allocate you a certain number of RTT days. You can accumulate a maximum of 4 hours of RTT per week, if you work 39 hours. If you have a part-time contract, the number of RTT days is calculated in proportion to the number of hours worked. They are used by companies that do not wish to pay overtime. RTT days are valid for one year only from January 1 to December 30. The employee can use them by taking half a day or a full day of rest at a time. If you do not use your RTT days during the allotted year, you will lose them. On the other hand, if you are unable to ask them, you will obtain payment for your overtime hours.

How to properly use your RTTs?

Some RTT days may be imposed by your company and you can choose the others freely in agreement with your superior. Find out, each company has different methods and rules regarding RTTs. If you have to be absent due to illness or a family event, and the company considers this type of absence as effective working time, this will not interrupt the RTT day counter. RTT days and paid holidays are distinct and therefore cumulative. They cannot be used on a public holiday. If you can combine your RTT days with your paid holidays, you will be able to enjoy longer holidays! Do not hesitate to take RTT days to break up busy weeks or extend weekends.