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Wage portage

What's this ? A “three-way relationship” between the service provider (or “portee”), his client, and the portage company. It is the porterage company that takes care of all the administrative tasks, invoices the fees to the customers and pays them to the porter in the form of a salary, after taking a percentage in the process (between 5 and 15%). Born in the middle of consulting executives who sought to enhance their end of career, wage portage is rejuvenating and today concerns executives and non-executives.

Why is it going up? The crisis has made self-employed status increasingly precarious. Portage allows you to work solo without having to create your box, to have a salary, social protection, to deduct your professional expenses... You earn a little less than as a freelancer, but you don't waste time. in administrative formalities. And we keep the status of employee, essential when looking to buy an apartment or take out a loan. In the event of failure of the activity, one is also entitled to unemployment benefits. Jennifer, a consultant, called on portage (with Neteem) when she had the opportunity to work for an American company that had no headquarters in France. “I didn't want to waste my time on paperwork when starting a business. And I knew that my income would exceed the maximum threshold allowed by self-employment. It's true that babywearing is expensive, but I can devote myself fully to my job. And make time to pick up my children from school. »

Know before doing it. Be well informed before choosing your umbrella company, to be able to benefit from real support. “Being supported is like having a personalized human resources service. If I have any questions, I can ask them without hesitation! » , confirms Jennifer.

Where to get information? Union of employment professionals in wage portage ( and National union of specialized portage companies (