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Preparing for a job interview:trick questions to expect

Questions that come up time after time during a job interview

In addition to the famous and dreaded "name three qualities and three faults", with which we avoid playing false modesty by answering "too perfectionist", many other questions are recurrent. The first, which isn't the easiest, is almost always:"Introduce yourself." Don't get into the details of your personal life. Go to the essentials, and above all, unfold a structured thought. You can cite a few examples directly related to the position you are applying for. Often after the "who are you" comes the "why are you here". This is when it is important to have prepared for your job interview beforehand. The more information you have, the more you will be able to show that you know the company well, and thus formulate personalized answers. At the end of the interview, the last question is very often "do you have anything to add, or a question to ask". Prepare yourself a question or two ahead of time and save them for the end!

Prepare for your interview by anticipating the questions

It is sometimes difficult to question yourself and admit your mistakes. Many recruiters play on a certain ambiguity to make people feel uncomfortable. Prepare for your job interview by trying to answer the following questions:"What tasks do you dislike doing?" ", "What did your colleagues blame you for? Sometimes these questions are asked to test your reactions. Other recruiters ask them and wait for a coherent response. The trick is to always turn the negative into a positive sentence! Do not hesitate to value yourself by avoiding painful experiences. Be honest, and engage in an analytical approach, showing that you have learned from your experiences. In a word, you have to be yourself, whatever the questions asked. Let your intuition guide you!

Test your originality and humor during a job interview

It is sometimes possible that the questions asked during a job interview seem disconcerting, even completely eccentric! It depends above all on the company for which you are applying, and also on your interlocutor. Like American companies, many recruiters do not hesitate to ask incongruous questions to detect your ability to react. Like getting into Stanford University, with the famous "Which of Spiderman or Batman would win in a fight?" », you have to stay relaxed and do not hesitate to use a little humor to lighten the atmosphere and gain the confidence of your interlocutor. Preparing for a job interview also means accepting being surprised and responding with a touch of originality, so that the recruiter remembers you!