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Being Leonardo DiCaprio's assistant, a dream job?

Being in the care of Leonardo DiCaprio is a job for which many of us would apply directly... And for good reason, according to his former assistant, he is a formidable boss.

Kasi Brown was Leo's right-hand man in 2003, during the filming of "The Aviator". Recently, she confided in her former job in the American Huffington Post… And the one who today is also an actress, did not fail to compliment the handsome DiCaprio.

She remembers Leo as a very intelligent being, who can talk about politics like history and culture, with everyone. According to Brown, he is very down-to-earth... A far cry from the often insufferable "VIP employers"!

And that's not all, a priori it's a little funny, this Leo. “We always had fun on set. We loved watching people and clowning around, playing characters with different accents." , she says (yes you can be jealous). The opportunity for her to get closer to the actor and allow herself some little jokes:"Sometimes I pretended to behave as if he was really the stereotype of the star and when he asked me something , I made the reverence and I answered him with a deep voice 'yes, of course, sir, all that you want sir'. He was laughing and telling me to stop my nonsense."

Kasi shares another little secret, Leo's favorite holiday is Halloween. Why ? Because he likes the idea of ​​being anonymous and being able to interact with others, without ulterior motives, without expectations on the part of these people. So, now that you know, get your best costume for Halloween 2016.