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I'm looking for work:how do I style my hair for a job interview?

Looking for a job:adapting your hairstyle to the desired position

Obviously, your CV is important, but appearance is also essential during a job interview. It is even proven that people who present themselves well are more likely to be recruited. It is therefore important to take time to take care of your hairstyle and your look! Always choose clothes in harmony with your hairstyle. The latter must convey to your interlocutor your seriousness and your ambition, without being too strict and stilted! Difficult to find the right balance between classicism and originality! But from one company to another and from one position to another, the choice of hairstyle will be different. If you are looking for a job in a communication agency, the style may be more relaxed than if you are looking for a job as a receptionist.

A worked hairstyle for my job interview

The hairstyle is important, just like the clothes and the make-up. This will affect the first impression you will give to the recruiter. You must leave nothing to chance! You have to give a good image of yourself. Taking care of your appearance and feeling comfortable can also help you de-stress! If you decide to let your hair down, a few nice waves can add a natural / worked side. Put a few drops of oil or moisturizing milk to make your hair shinier. Avoid the simple, slightly old-fashioned ponytail. Opt instead for a more worked low tail with nice twists if you are looking for work! If your hairstyle is successful, it's a plus. Do not put too many barrettes to avoid the childish side. We also forget the headband or the very complicated hairstyles with lots of clips. The hairstyle must be worked but give the impression of being simple!

The bun, a good idea if I'm looking for work?

Timeless but sometimes too classic, the bun is nonetheless a safe bet. For a job interview, it should not be too drawn out, otherwise it will make it too serious, even stuck… You have to be chic and feminine! Be careful though:if you have difficulties, and especially if your bun risks coming undone at any time, try another hairstyle! The chignon is now available in different forms, and it is making a strong comeback with the famous bun. The latter is not necessarily suitable for all companies, but it gives a very modern aspect to the look. The braided bun, slightly disheveled, can be very pretty! A word of advice:have a fitting afternoon with your friends! Hair, make-up, look and pastries!