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Having plants in the office keeps you healthy and reduces stress

At work, are you more of a style to have a minimalist workspace or to spread out and make it your second home? Well, it would seem that being in the second case is good for your health. So, let's clarify right away:no, we're not saying that working in a total mess is better than being organized (although it seems that a disorganized office would be a sign of intelligence…) , but researchers have shown that having plants in your office would improve air quality, but also reduce our level of stress. That motivates you to have a green thumb!

Filter chemical compounds

Office furniture gives off chemical compounds including formaldehyde, which can irritate the eyes, nose and throat and cause allergies, but also benzene, toluene and others which are not terrible for your health. A study conducted by NASA has shown that indoor plants have the ability to filter many pollutants. It would therefore be recommended to have one of medium size for a space of 2.2 m². In addition, offices are often teeming with bacteria, and those related to plants are good for restoring a balance that prevents you from getting sick. Finally, green spaces are good for morale, it's proven! If you work in a poorly lit or poorly ventilated office, you are often subject to more stress, again, installing plants is a good option to feel better. The only rule:opt for varieties without flowers, just to avoid allergies among our colleagues.

So, are we going to visit Truffaut this weekend?