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How to Use OneNote at School 10 Tips for Students and Teachers

Stephanie is just one of 950 students at Sammamish High School in Seattle who have taken to Microsoft OneNote wholeheartedly along with her teachers.

Across the country in Ohio, teachers gave their students “blizzard bags” when schools were closed due to bad weather. These “pants” teachings use OneNote Class Notebook to share interactive lessons. The “school closed” notice is no longer an excuse for celebration.

Lugging around a bag full of books pales a bit in comparison, doesn't it?

The note-taking member of the Microsoft suite is a cross-platform productivity app. 5 Ways to Be Productive with Microsoft OneNote 5 Ways to Be Productive with Microsoft OneNote Feel the need for an offline organization tool that also exists on the web? Surprisingly, Microsoft has found the perfect solution:OneNote. Read more . There are many unique ways to use OneNote 10 unique ways to use Microsoft OneNote 10 unique ways to use Microsoft OneNote OneNote is one of the most underrated apps from Microsoft. It is available on almost all platforms and can do a lot of tricks that you would not expect from a note keeping app. Read More Come aboard. OneNote has lots of tips for the teacher and the student. And before you forget:OneNote is free OneNote is now truly free with more features than before OneNote is now truly free with more features than before Evernote no longer rules the plethora of note-taking apps. Microsoft recently announced that OneNote would be freer than ever. Let us show you what this means in terms of features and functionality. Read more !

Schema class classes

Learning verbally is the shortcut to mind numbing. The best teachers outline their lectures. The best students lower them. A summary note is the first point of entry into a topic. This bird's eye view is easily done with one of the most underrated features in OneNote.

How to Use OneNote at School 10 Tips for Students and Teachers

Here, each outline is more than just a simple bullet list. You can:

  • Move the outline using the container handle.
  • Create multi-level schemes (up to 5 levels). Hide profile levels by double-clicking the capture box.
  • Overlay different contours. Bring the important to the front with the option in the right-click menu.
  • Use the handle to rearrange the order of the elements..

Doodle or Sketch Away

Are you a visual learner who learns best with drawings and images? As I mentioned in my own previous list of Awesome OneNote Tips 10 Awesome OneNote Tips You Should Use All The Time 10 Awesome OneNote Tips You Should Use All The Time Microsoft OneNote is just as good as Evernote. OneNote is the digital equivalent of a folder, giving you more organizational control. We show you the effective settings for taking notes that you will love. Read More And make it feel like paper (Tip #4 on that list).

A graph, the formation of a chemical bond or an ecological cycle is best understood with a diagram. the Draw The tab gives you all the drawing tools you need to draw your notes.

Don't want to mess up neat class notes with random doodles? Use a sticky note (View> Window> Send to OneNote Tool> New sticky note | Ctrl + Shift + M ).

How to Use OneNote at School 10 Tips for Students and Teachers

Change the size and position of the sticky note to fit your doodle needs and click the pin icon on the Ribbon to stay on top of your main note.

How to Use OneNote at School 10 Tips for Students and Teachers

Scribbling is better with a pencil. Microsoft also brought handwriting to the iPad version this year. Select Palm Rejection To help tablets recognize the way you hold a pen. Any touchscreen device can take advantage of OneNote's inking feature. Write handwritten notes, draw diagrams, or annotate notes and images with the freehand drawing tools.

Save more time. If a phone is allowed after class, take a snapshot of the whiteboard and annotate the image with additional notes. Microsoft even has a neat app called Office Lens that comes with a special whiteboard mode to make shadows and glare disappear. The OneNote app camera also has a whiteboard mode.

Capture your web research with one click

While researching online, send a full page or part of a page directly to OneNote. Click Ctrl + P on your keyboard (or choose File> Print ), select Send to OneNote 2013 from your printer list, and your page is sent to an unfiled quick note in OneNote, which can be moved to any section or page. The “Unfiled Notes” tab can be found at the bottom of the OneNote 2013 screen. You can always use the powerful search to find any note in the app.

To make it easier to organize your notes while saving, leave the default setting at “Always ask where to send. “. You can choose the specific notebook for the note. Change File> Options saved locations .

How to Use OneNote at School 10 Tips for Students and Teachers

The OneNote Clipper debuted last year. Save any page directly into OneNote without the clutter. All your clips are saved in the Sticky Notes section of your default notebook. The extension is available for Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Mac Safari..

Check out this video on how to do web research:

Math Napkin in OneNote

OneNote developers call it "math napkin". And it's better than the real thing. Save your brain power by performing complicated calculations by typing your mathematical expression anywhere on a OneNote page and clicking Enter or the space bar. The built-in calculator spits out the result.

How to Use OneNote at School 10 Tips for Students and Teachers

The MSDN blog page takes you through some tips and the supported arithmetic and trigonometric functions. And yes, math-phobes - OneNote can do calculus.

To plot 2D and 3D graphs in OneNote, download the Microsoft Mathematics 2013 Add-in for OneNote.

Ink math

OneNote has a full equation editor to help you enter math equations on any page. Go Insert> (Group of symbols) Equation . The dropdown has predefined equations. You can go with either or click the top of the Equation button to open the Layout toolbar. You can build your own equations from scratch with the symbols and operators here.

How to Use OneNote at School 10 Tips for Students and TeachersFor tablet owners, the neat Ink equation The button (in the Tools group) makes it easy to solve algebra. You can write an equation with a pencil or fingers. OneNote interprets your handwriting and writes it.

This feature should be favored by STEM students. 10 Best Channels for STEM Education on YouTube. 10 Best Channels for STEM Education on YouTube. STEM is not just an acronym but an idea that could help transform the way our children are taught. These ten YouTube channels not only teach but also inspire to study STEM subjects better. Read more.

Save time with templates

OneNote has some templates that can help both teachers and students create better class notes. Take a look at the academic templates at Insert> Page Templates> Academic .

How to Use OneNote at School 10 Tips for Students and Teachers

But the collection here does not meet the class requirements, especially for students. Perhaps, as a teacher, you want to create a monthly schedule for a class? This could also be helpful for any substitute teacher. Teachers can collaborate on lesson plans.

As a student, you may want to set up an annual review schedule or create your own note-taking system instead of the Cornell Note Taking template available on Office Online.

Creating your own OneNote template is easy as you customize the layout of a note and save it as a template. You can use tables to quickly structure your template.

  1. Design your template on a blank page. Select the Insert tab.
  2. Click the Page Templates button. The Templates panel appears on the right side.
  3. Select Save current page as template in the Templates panel. Name the template in the dialog.
  4. Click Save. A new category called My Templates save all your templates.

Microsoft in Education has nine great tips to make planning your lessons easier.

Use voice notes

Just one of the ways to use OneNote to record audio. It can be a lifesaver for students with short attention spans.

How to Use OneNote at School 10 Tips for Students and Teachers

Record a presentation while taking your notes in OneNote. OneNote automatically syncs your written notes to the exact point in the audio recording. Audio notes are compatible with your text notes, with the latter acting as a bookmark that helps you instantly remember what everyone said in class.

Search for words within audio and video recordings. This little setup can help save a lot of time with large collections of audio and video notes. Enable it from File> Options> Audio and Video .

How to Use OneNote at School 10 Tips for Students and Teachers

Create your own updated digital textbook

Audio and video create a more engaging learning experience. It makes teachers' job much easier as flipped classroom sessions can hold students' attention longer than boring lectures. The OneNote blog uncovered the example of Cary Academy in North Carolina, which uses OneNote to create personalized digital textbooks. Teachers collect Office documents, images, audio, video, and web clips.

For example, students in a Mandarin Chinese class use audio clips to listen to the pronunciation of a native speaker.

Teachers can reduce their own load by turning it into a collaborative class project. A personalized digital textbook is just one example that shows the power of the next feature on this list. But students can create their own individual textbooks without the scope of OneNote Class Notebook Creator.

Teaching for the 21st Century:The OneNote Class Notebook Maker

In its simplest form, OneNote Class Notebook Creator is a shared workspace for teachers and students. It has three different parts -

Collaboration space for classroom projects.

Classroom Library To distribute handouts and assignments to students.

Student spaces For each student it is a tutoring platform for teacher-student interaction..

The virtual environment brings together all the goodness of OneNote in one place. OneNote Class Notebook Creator [No Longer Available] is an online SharePoint app. It's free for educators with Office 365..

A technology boost from the school could help empower teachers and students with this collaborative workspace. Helps eliminate traditional teaching bottlenecks through real-time one-on-one coaching in a shared notebook while running the collaborative creativity of a group project. Teachers can better manage their administrative tasks through the tools available here.

Learn more about it with this interactive guide.

A feature to always remember

OneNote keeps everything for 60 days after you edit or delete it. Trigger happy Students can retrieve anything from the trash. OneNote has version management that helps you go back to a previous version of a note. An invaluable help - teachers can use the Search by author Option (Ribbon> History) to see who did what in a collaborative class assignment.

How to Use OneNote at School 10 Tips for Students and Teachers

Give your best advice or ask what else!

Do you still feel limited? Try the Onetastic plugin for OneNote. The free plugin brings some extra features to your notes. You may like the calendar view of your class notes.

Also, take a look at the vast ecosystem of apps supported in OneNote. For example:Students can save homework responses from to OneNote.

Chromebooks for Education Four Great Ways to Use a Chromebook in the Classroom Four Great Ways to Use a Chromebook in the Classroom Chromebooks now account for twenty percent of all mobile computer purchases in the United States. What role can Chromebooks play in the education sector? Read More might have helped push past 5 million, but Microsoft is making its own push for education with its software services. His own “notebook” of educational products is expanding. Your school may not have invested in Microsoft technologies yet, but you can bring your own productivity to class.

Getting started with OneNote as a teacher or student? Browse through OneNote tips for teachers. Stay up to date with the Microsoft OneNote educational blog. Because we just scratched the surface. There are more tips there.

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Do you use OneNote for learning or teaching? Do you think it is one of the best back to school tools available for free? If you are a veteran, the space below is for your best suggestions and ideas. Come on - class is in session!