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Do you want to learn Microsoft Office 2016? Get started with these quick start guides

More than 1.2 billion people use Microsoft Office around the world. Unfortunately, most people, even those next to you, may not be as fluent in any of the programs in the suite. Microsoft Office 2016 also introduced some new productivity features 13+ Reasons You Should Upgrade to Microsoft Office 2016 13+ Reasons You Should Upgrade to Microsoft Office 2016 Microsoft Office 2016 is here and it's time for you to make a decision. The productivity question is:should I upgrade? We give you the new features and the new reasons to help you... Read More

How can you quickly bring them into the fold and help them get acquainted with the new features of the latest productivity suite makeover? Start small. Get started with ease of use Quick Start Guides provided by Microsoft.

Microsoft has cleaned up its law since the early days when support material for learning the program was scarce. It now has full training modules and even a dedicated feature like Tell me what you want to do that makes the new user much more comfortable with the ribbon features.

The Quick Start Guides can be the first step you take on the learning curve. Quick Start Guides are available for all programs within the Office suite. You can choose to download the PDF version or quickly review it in your browser with a Sway slideshow.

They are beautifully designed with clean images that guide you through the process of creating and saving your first file. Helpful tips, shortcuts, and screenshots will help guide you. Users of Microsoft Office 2013 will find many of the features similar, but the guides should help you quickly find your way around the program. You can print them or share them with anyone who wants to jump into the show.

Quick Start Guides are also available for Office Mobile for Windows 10 and Office 2016 for Mac.

Want to learn more? There's the official Office Training Center, a page you should always keep bookmarked. Then take the many free and paid courses available online to dive deeper into powerful office software. Gavin outlined some of the best in a previous appearance, Best Online Microsoft Office Courses Improve Your Skills With The Best Microsoft Office Courses Online Update Your Skills With The Best Microsoft Office Online Courses Microsoft Office is a required skill in all offices around the world. How adept are you? Massive open online courses offer everyone the training to improve anytime, anywhere. Read more.

Have you improved your MS Office skills? Or did you help someone improve theirs? What resource did you use for support?