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How to enable dark theme in Microsoft Office 2016

Dark themes have many benefits:they are elegant, they reduce eyestrain 4 ways to avoid computer-related eye strain without losing productivity 4 ways to prevent computer-related eye strain without losing productivity Do you spend many hours in front of the screen? from a computer? If you do, you're probably familiar with the unspeakable eye strain that comes with it. Headaches, burning eyes, itchy eyes, and just being tired, they're... Read More That's why Microsoft Office 2016 now comes with a built-in dark theme.

Open any - yes, some - Office 2016 application. Under File> Account, search for Office Theme and select Dark Gray from the dropdown menu. You should now see the new theme in all your Office apps on every computer connected to the checking account.

If that doesn't work, or you don't want the settings tied to your account, there is an alternative method.

Navigate to File> Options> General and switch to the Dark Gray theme via the Office Theme, which you'll find at Customize your copy of Microsoft Office . Remember to click OK to finalize the change.

Again, note that unlike the first method, the second method changes the theme only in the Office applications on the computer you're using to make the switch.

Do you prefer dark themes to light ones? Or do you agree with either and prefer to stick with the default theme all the time? We are curious to find out!