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Best free or paid project management apps and tools

The inability to keep productivity levels high for project-based work leads to additional stress and upset clients. Also, people often struggle with task delegation and time estimations, which can get sidetracked to other elements.

Fortunately, there are a variety of project management tools to try. Although many come with a fee, there are also free options.

Should I splurge on one of the paid tools, or would a free possibility work well enough? Let's take a detailed look at some of the options. Then you will be in a privileged position to make an informed decision.

The best free project management tools

If you're feeling constrained by a budget, don't let it stop you from being productive. These project management options have a feature-rich free layer that can help you design your plans until you can increase your budget.

1. Meister's task

Best free or paid project management apps and tools

The free version of this project management interface has a color-coded approach to help you stay organized. View tasks in progress , completed tasks , things to check , and more, all in one control panel.

You can customize what the main MeisterTask interface shows you. That makes it easy to see what's happened since the last time you checked. Plus, you can plan where to focus your efforts for the day.

Each assigned task can include all the details that the respective team members need to complete it. Ongoing conversation threads help project managers keep track of statuses. It is also possible to attach files up to 20 MB..

Download: MeisterTask for iOS | Android (paid free plans from $8.25/month per user)

2. Yoga

Best free or paid project management apps and tools

Asana strives for simplicity, so you can start using it effectively right away. You can view task assignments in the Asana interface or in your inboxes. Priority levels assigned by project leaders help team members instantly know what to work on first.

Asana's free tier accommodates teams of up to 15 people. It has direct search functionality to quickly find tasks, as well as a basic control panel.

Download: Asanas for iOS | Android (free and paid plans from $9.99/month per user)

3. Trello

Best free or paid project management apps and tools

By using a card and board based format, Trello is slightly different than some other tools. It can be designed as a Kanban workflow. Cards go to Project boards , And you can create them for personal or business needs. After clicking a card, fill it in with details about due dates, team members, and related files.

Because Trello exists in the cloud, it's easy to keep track of projects from anywhere. Get information on the latest updates with content synced across all your devices.

Using Trello without paying allows for an unlimited number of boards, lists, and cards. You can also upload attachments of 10 MB or less, as a free user.

Download: Trello for iOS | Android (Free, $9.99)

4. Freedcamp

One of the benefits of using Freedcamp for free is choosing your preferred task settings. For example, maybe you prefer the tried and true list format. Alternatively, if you're a Kanban extension Best Kanban Chrome Extensions to Manage Your Projects Best Kanban Chrome Extensions to Manage Your Projects Kanban is a project management tool to streamline your workflow and maximize your productivity. These Chrome extensions will help you implement it. Read More

Freedcamp gives flexibility to create a distinction between public and private tasks , also. If your personal life and your work schedule are equally busy, that feature helps you stay on track.

Alternatively, using the issue tracker , calendar , and social communication wall Maintain awareness during projects. Dealing with big tasks? Break them down into smaller subtasks to make them less intimidating.

Download: Freecamp for iOS | Android (free and paid plans from $3.99/month)

The best paid project management tools

A small business may be well served with a free tool or a free tier. However, these payment tools can be extended for any business requirement. The best ones include collaboration features, task management, project scheduling, and document sharing capabilities that allow them to work across departments.

1. Tave

Best free or paid project management apps and tools

Aimed at creative professionals, Táve helps you have a seamless workflow with a handy checklist system. In addition to offering text-based lists, it makes it easy to create square, colorful boxes for each project. Then you can see responsibilities at a glance and stay on top of crucial deadlines.

Táve goes beyond project management, too. Send emails in advance and track them to ensure customers read the material. Use the lead management tool to capitalize on potential new job opportunities. also, automate tasks such as sending meeting reminders, budget tracking, and bill notices.

Táve is a desktop interface. However, you can synchronize the tool's calendars with your iOS device or Android phone.

Prices start at $12.49 per month. Specific details depend on the level of product desired and the length of the plan. Users can avail of a 30-day trial.

2. casual

Best free or paid project management apps and tools

Visualizing the progress of a project often doesn't involve thinking about assigning tasks and writing feedback. Instead of offering lists or tables, Casual focuses on the causal relationships between steps in a process.

Make milestones first, then consult with team members and determine the characteristics of shared goals. Each milestone can have threads that solidify the steps to be completed. Factors such as urgency and the number of people in a team affect worker assignments.

Casual visually represents all these aspects in a flowchart.. Instead of thumbing through a long list, people understand how their duties fit into the bigger picture. If People Prefer To-Do Lists 8 Super-Simple To-Do List Tools To Keep You Focused 8 Super-Simple To-Do List Tools To Keep You Focused A to-do list is the simplest productivity system. These eight minimalist to-do list tools are for keeping track of your daily tasks without the hassle. Read More Casual generates them automatically when making the charts.

Team members receive task lists to promote quick access. Even better, viewers see the responsibilities in the correct order, which eliminates confusion. If project managers notice bottlenecks, they can reorganize processes to fix those issues.

Download: Casual for iOS | Android (paid plans start at $7/month)

3. ActiveCollab

Best free or paid project management apps and tools

When using your email inbox as a project management tool, try ActiveCollab. The tool works in the cloud like most of its competitors. You have the option to install it on a company server , too.

Some project management apps only give dashboards to project managers. ActiveCollab provides one for each team member, taking the guesswork out of what tasks to perform and when.

The app potentially solves accounting headaches too. That's because it has a built-in time tracking feature . Hours spent on projects appear on team member dashboards , giving workers an easy way to runway off .

A search function with a task filtering option also reduces wasted time. Limit the results by the assigned worker, a due date, or a label. Like most other project management helpers covered so far, ActiveCollab supports file uploads and task comments. You can hide customer communications Or let them see the messages and clarify..

Download: ActiveCollab for iOS | Android (paid plans start at $25/month)

4. Flow

Best free or paid project management apps and tools

With Flow, organize tasks in list or cards . This app also has a timeline feature with drag and drop functionality. Check it out as your project progresses and change the start and end dates if necessary. A workgroup feature allows you to assign tasks to multiple people who work together.

There is also a Reach Dashboard section, perfect for use after returning from a break. Show only the relevant information for each task. Don't let strange content overwhelm you. the Notification Feed does something similar by letting people know about recent information and when it happened.

Download: Flow for iOS | Android (paid plans start at $6.40/month per user)

Which project management tool is for you?

This list of four free options and four paid tools gives you a helpful starting point. Still considering whether to pay or take the free route? Please note that many of the add-on tools have substantial limitations.

For example, they can only work for projects with up to two people. Some free tools also restrict the size of attachments or don't offer integrations with other productivity apps. 5 New Productivity Apps to Manage Your To-Do List and Get Things Done. 5 new productivity apps to manage your to-do list and get things done. Done The best productivity app will always be what works for you. In this list, you can find one that helps you get things done. Read more.

However, if you like how a free service works, see if it has a paid plan. All of those covered here have payment options that increase capabilities.

Maybe you're working on a very simple project and don't care about basic functionality. Otherwise, it's probably best to budget for one of the paid possibilities. Since many offer free trials and full feature descriptions, you don't have to buy blindly.

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