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5 PowerPoint Templates for Efficient Meetings

Statistics indicate that people spend up to 35-50 percent of their work time in meetings. It's no wonder so many people complain about the mere thought of meeting with colleagues during the workday.

Fortunately, tools like PowerPoint make meetings less miserable. They can be helpful and keep the pace of meetings.

Even better, PowerPoint templates 7 Places to Find Beautiful Quick Presentation Templates 7 Places to Find Beautiful Quick Presentation Templates Your search for last-minute presentation templates comes to an end with these online resources. These template websites cover PowerPoint and Google Slides. Read More Below, you can explore five PowerPoint options and learn how you can customize them to meet the unique needs of your next presentation.

1. General Meeting Template

A company meeting is a great way to bring all of your employees together and get them on the same page about new procedures, plans for the future, corporate milestones, etc. This company meeting PowerPoint template is a great choice for any employee meeting on your agenda.

Made with a gray background, the template includes a crisp, easy-to-read font in black and dark blue. The good visibility of the letters, combined with the contrasting color scheme, makes it easy for people to read the slides, even from the back of a large room. This reduces the probability of having to go over the points repeatedly.

5 PowerPoint Templates for Efficient Meetings

Plus, you can customize your slides. How to Create Stunning Slideshows in iMovie How to Create Stunning Slideshows in iMovie Want to produce slideshows that go beyond simple cross-dissolves and single-track background music? Apple's iMovie for Mac OS X can help you create professional-looking slideshows with little prior skills. Read More This could help if you want to reflect your company branding or if your meeting is about the changing face of your business.

A design tab within the template allows you to change things like font styles. That feature could be extremely useful when you want to give your audience visual cues that you're transitioning to a new meeting segment.

You can also use the customizable slides that come with themed titles. There's one for Revenue &Profit, one for Critical Success Factors, and a custom slide for an organization overview. You will find 12 of these slides. Use them to give your presentation a polished, cohesive look.

Download: General Meeting Template (Free)

2. New Employee Onboarding Template

The corporate onboarding process is essential in helping newly hired team members feel well-equipped and comfortable in their new workplace. However, it can also be time consuming when not done correctly.

This Hello 2 PowerPoint template is great to use for employee orientations. It's so diverse that you can easily rely on it for other types of meetings. Tips On How To Plan And Hold Effective Meetings With Google Hangouts Tips On How To Plan And Hold Effective Meetings With Google Hangouts With today's Internet technology, holding meetings online can be efficient and efficient. profitable, especially if you plan ahead and use time-saving tools. During the last months I have participated in online meetings ... Read more .

Choose from over 500 unique slides and create a presentation that cleverly provides new hires with the information they need to know about your company's history.

Slides include chart-filled title slides, smartphone slides (great for explaining how to use an app you've built to let employees know how things work), and a title slide. The latter features a mountaintop design that can work well if you're discussing topics like advancement opportunities and continuing education for workers.

There are also dozens of themed slides to help you save time and keep people engaged. They range from team member bio-layouts to agenda items that you can customize with timelines to set expectations for the length of the meeting.

5 PowerPoint Templates for Efficient Meetings

If your company is a multinational or a company with multiple branches, this template includes numerous country, world, and regional geographic theme slides. Trust them and hold attendees' attention when describing the scope of your company or discussing future expansion plans.

Download: Behance New Employee Onboarding Template ($15)

3. Project Management Meeting Template [No Longer Available]

Meetings are key meetings between all team members working on specific projects. Employees have the opportunity to discuss issues experienced during workflow, raise concerns with supervisors, and share ideas with other team members.

Are there some things you can do to avoid having inefficient meetings? Send these 8 rules to your boss fed up with inefficient meetings? Send These 8 Rules to Your Boss If a meeting is well organized, there's no reason it can't improve productivity, sense of purpose, and morale. Here are some rules to follow for effective meetings. Read More An Effective Way to Plan a Project-Based Meeting How to Manage Your Project with Word Templates How to Manage Your Project with Word Templates In project management, preparation is half the battle. To organize and document your project, you may need many different reports, forms, or plans. We've compiled a selection of Word templates to get you started. Read More Review the Microsoft Project Status Report Presentation PowerPoint Template and keep everyone in the loop.

Featuring a calming blue-green wave design on each slide, this template has plenty of customizable features so you can cover a lot in less time. Start by filling out the Overview slide and use it as a helpful introduction to the project as a whole. Cover things like the associated client(s), expected outcome, and whether successful completion can lead to future opportunities. Answer frequently asked questions so you don't have to stop meeting progress and answer them later.

You can also use the timeline slide and give meeting participants a visual indicator of how many days, weeks, months, or years are left until the project's projected completion date.

5 PowerPoint Templates for Efficient Meetings

You can use this slide to visualize project progress and highlight where the project is behind schedule or ahead of schedule.

The Current Status slide is perhaps the most effective for customizing with details about the status of the project. You may have called a meeting to address issues with the status of the project, and this slide allows you to identify the things that went wrong, as well as the things that your team did right.

Download: Microsoft Office Project Management Meeting Template (Free)

4. Timeline meeting template

When you're discussing things like your company's upcoming anniversary, a planned open house for clients, or guidelines for how employees should ask for time off, a calendar-themed PowerPoint template is a smart choice.

Consider this simple and straight to the point template from Slide Hunter. It includes a calendar slide in red or blue, which helps you get to the point. 10 Powerpoint Tips for Preparing a Professional Presentation 10 Powerpoint Tips for Preparing a Professional Presentation Presentations are a great way to support a talk. This guide will help you create professional-looking presentations with concise content. At the same time you will avoid the most common presentation mistakes. Read more . Encourage continued focus on a chosen date by customizing the numeric text on each image so your team members know exactly which deadline they're talking about.

You can write captions made of white text inside a blue or red box, depending on the initial color scheme used. The high level of contrast between text and background promotes quick and effective information retention.

5 PowerPoint Templates for Efficient Meetings

Finally, adjust the slide layout to reflect the custom bulleted lists. Use them to outline the remaining responsibilities that must be fulfilled before a big day arrives, explain why a given day is so significant, or outline the basic steps a person must take to receive approval from the human resources department for a job. trip.

Of course, you can also insert additional slides into the presentation.

Download: SlideHunter Timeline Meeting Template (Free)

5. New property meeting template

En muchos casos, una reunión en toda la empresa es la forma más fácil de informar a los empleados sobre las nuevas adquisiciones de edificios o el espacio de oficinas..

La plantilla City Skyline de Presentation Load es una plantilla flexible que simplifica la emoción y el apoyo total de la gente hacia un próximo movimiento hacia un nuevo edificio de oficinas o noticias sobre la apertura de una ubicación adicional próximamente.

5 PowerPoint Templates for Efficient Meetings

Comience a personalizar la plantilla seleccionando una relación de aspecto de 16:9 o 4:3 para obtener resultados visuales ideales y con la escala adecuada.

Luego, seleccione entre tres atractivos esquemas de colores que son fáciles de usar y mantenga un tema mostrando varios edificios con un fondo de cielo sencillo. Organice el contenido en listas con viñetas y muévalo en una o dos columnas para mostrar la información necesaria de manera estratégica.

Download: Nueva plantilla de reunión de propiedad de PresentationLoad (gratis con registro de cuenta)

¿Cómo cambiarán las plantillas tus reuniones??

Conseguir que las reuniones se desarrollen sin problemas y de manera eficiente es una habilidad con la que incluso un profesional experimentado puede tener problemas. Al usar estas plantillas, podrá crear presentaciones optimizadas que lo mantendrán a usted y a sus puntos de conversación, sin distraer a sus oyentes..

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