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12 Ways to Run Your Life Like a Boss with OneNote

Staying on top of everything from to-do lists and finances to articles you read and ideas you have can be a nightmare. All of these things are often found in different documents, or saved in completely different applications. By default, they become too strenuous to keep up with and quickly become outdated.

All of this could be remedied with OneNote, a free note-taking app from Microsoft. If you're new to OneNote, we recommend reading our introductory guide How to Use OneNote Like a Famous Scientist. How to use OneNote like a famous scientist. Charles Darwin would have loved OneNote. He was an avid note taker who recorded everything he observed. Here's how he could have used OneNote to organize his work and further his research. Read More Once you've learned the basics, you're ready to discover the host of additional features that make OneNote even more useful 7 Little-Known OneNote Features You'll Love 7 Little-Known OneNote Features You'll Love OneNote is 100% free and Packed full of advanced features. Let's take a look at some of the ones you may have missed. If you're not already using OneNote, these may beat you to it. Read more.

That doesn't mean it's perfect. The Mac version of OneNote is feature-limited, and many people are concerned that Microsoft will end up charging users to use the service (though there's no sign of that yet). But if that doesn't bother you, read on to learn how to manage virtually your entire life within this single app.

1. Organizing Information

Within OneNote, you can set up different notebooks for completely different parts of your life. Within each notebook, you can set up tabs, and within those tabs, you can store individual notes. They can be easily searched based on tags and keywords.

12 Ways to Run Your Life Like a Boss with OneNote

This structure makes it a logical way to organize potentially thousands of notes within a single app, much like you would organize a ring binder.

Exactly how to organize these notes is entirely up to you. It's what you keep in those notes that are important.

2. A to-do list that works

You can choose from a number of powerful to-do list apps To-Do List vs Todoist vs Wunderlist To-Do List vs Todoist vs Wunderlist Some to-do list apps stand shoulders above the rest. But how do they compare and which one is best for you? We'll help you find out. Read More

12 Ways to Run Your Life Like a Boss with OneNote

This could simply be a master to-do list, with a long series of things you need to do. But a more useful option would be to configure something like you can see above. This is a "Kaizen" setup, where you aim to move your tasks from left to right based on their current state. You can easily add a new table for each project you're working on, and drag and drop these wherever you like.

I've also included a shopping list in the checkbox, which is another way to organize lists in OneNote. This could be set up as a separate note and then shared with your partner, so they can also be added to the list as needed.

3. Track your fitness

If you keep track of any aspect of your health, this can usually be replicated in OneNote. If you want to keep things simple, you can create a new notebook for each aspect of health and fitness you want to track, then create a basic table to track what's important.

12 Ways to Run Your Life Like a Boss with OneNote

Alternatively, if you're using the Windows version of OneNote, you can import an existing Excel spreadsheet into A note. This means you can find a fitness tracking excel template 10 Excel Templates To Track Your Health And Fitness 10 Excel Templates To Track Your Health And Fitness Read More and use this within of OneNote instead of having to use Excel. Please note that any changes you make to the spreadsheet in OneNote will be not It will be saved in the Excel file, or vice versa.

4. Project management

If simple Kaizen task list setup isn't enough to help you manage your projects, OneNote can be used as a full-fledged project management tool. How to use Microsoft OneNote for project management How to use Microsoft OneNote for project management OneNote is the ideal collaboration tool for managing simple projects in small teams. And it is absolutely free. See how OneNote can help get your projects off the ground! Read more too.

Depending on the complexity of your projects, you may want to set up a new notebook for each one. Within these notebooks, you can add detailed to-do lists, track emails, share information, create a team wiki, and record meeting notes. You can then share all or part of this notebook with your team members. If you want a step-by-step guide to all of this, the following video will help.

If many of your projects are quite similar, you can also create OneNote templates. How to use OneNote templates to stay more organized. How to use OneNote templates to stay more organized. OneNote is a great way to keep your ideas organized, and templates can do that. even easier. Learn how to use, edit and create your own templates with this guide. Read More

5. Manage your finances

The easiest way to keep track of your finances in OneNote is to import a suitable Excel spreadsheet into your notebook and keep it up to date within the application.

If you're a Mac user, you'll need to create your own simple table to combat those pesky restrictions for Mac users.

12 Ways to Run Your Life Like a Boss with OneNote

In addition to this, a very useful feature here is the ability to store all your receipts in OneNote. Download the OneNote app on your smartphone and start taking snapshots of each of your receipts. Be sure to send them to a dedicated section of OneNote. The OCR feature within the app makes each of these receipts legible, so you can search for dates or items, rather than sifting through huge stacks of faded paper.

6. Goal setting

A seemingly popular way to organize goals in OneNote is to create a new tab titled "Goals," then create a new page for each goal. This page will be home to everything you need to progress.

12 Ways to Run Your Life Like a Boss with OneNote

On this single page, you can create schedules, list your action items, store research (this is made much easier if you use the OneNote Web Clipper), jot down notes, and keep track of your progress. Having all this relevant information in one place understandably helps keep you more focused.

7. daily diary

Journaling Shown Start This Simple Habit To Balance Your Productivity:Journaling Start This Simple Habit To Balance Your Productivity:Journaling is an underrated career tool and a foundational habit of many successful people. From increasing productivity to staying accountable, we explore why you should consider introducing journaling as a productivity tool in your workday. Read More Naturally, there are many ways to start a journal, whether it's a bullet journal in Evernote. How to use Evernote as a ballot journal. How to use Evernote as a ballot journal. There are many ways to use calendars and apps to do. Take Evernote, a journaling system called Bullet Journal, and no coding experience at all, to create an organization system completely customized for you. More information or a video journal on Snapchat Could Snapchat be the best way to keep a private journal? Could Snapchat be the best way to keep a private journal? Thanks to a new feature called Snapchat Memories, the social sharing app just might be the best kind of private journal. If you've never found a reason to use Snapchat, this might be it. Read more . OneNote is just another option to add to that list, where you can create a single note to keep adding to regularly.

  • Gratitude - Write one thing you are grateful for.
  • Intent - How do you want to be today? In focus? Spontaneous? Light?
  • Priorities - What are the 3 most important things you want to do today?
  • Progress - What progress, no matter how small, have you already made towards your goals?
  • Opportunity - Every day can be an opportunity:what is yours today?
  • Request - Ask for what you need, from you, your family and the universe.!

The type of magazine you choose to start with is up to you. This could be a gratitude journal, weekly summaries, daily snapshots, random reflections. The list goes on.

Whatever your choice, creating a quick journal template is easy. The template above was written by one of our own writers in his article looking at 7 Different Types of Journals You Can Keep How To Start A Journaling Habit With 7 Simple Templates How To Start A Journaling Habit With 7 Simple Templates If you have a journaling template You have a great advantage:you don't have to figure out what to write! Templates save time and also reduce startup friction. Read more.

This could simply be used as a way to clear your mind of distractions each morning, or look back to relive special memories.

8. Master lists

If you're the kind of person who loves to keep lists, you probably have a huge list of movies you want to watch, books you want to read 35 Classic Novels You Can Read For Free On Your Kindle 35 Classic Novels You Can Read For Free On Your Kindle There's a treasure trove of free, royalty-free books available on to download to your Kindle right now. Here are our recommendations for the classic novels you should read... Read More Instead of having these scattered around your hard drive, why not import them into OneNote?

12 Ways to Run Your Life Like a Boss with OneNote

This should be as easy as copying/pasting them into a single note, and perhaps adding a checkbox next to each one. This allows you to see all of your lists in one place. If you need to store more information, you may want to separate each of these master lists into different notes.

9. Your content repository

The amount of content we consume these days is staggering. Not surprisingly, we forget most of what we have consumed. How To Easily Organize And Remember All The Life Hack Tips You Have Read How To Easily Organize And Remember All The Life Hack Tips You Read. We forget things if we don't repeat them. That's bad news for the endless words of wisdom we read every day. The good news is that forgetfulness can be defeated. Read more . To help with this, there are some handy OneNote integrations you can use to keep track of all that content.

12 Ways to Run Your Life Like a Boss with OneNote

To set up any of these, you'll need a free IFTTT account. As some examples of what you can do, you can:

  • Submit your Instapaper articles (or highlights).
  • Save any article you star in Feedly.
  • Save as many items as you like in Pocket.
  • Save videos you liked (or added to Watch Later) to YouTube.

For any other content you find online, simply use the OneNote Web Clipper to save it directly to a dedicated notebook. If you wanted, you could even turn OneNote into your own RSS reader.

As you can see, it won't be long until you have an impressive library of interesting content that you can come back to and search whenever you want.

10. Copias de seguridad de fotos de redes sociales

Si está paranoico de perder alguna foto en sus cuentas de redes sociales, puede hacer una copia de seguridad de estas en OneNote, nuevamente usando IFTTT.

12 Ways to Run Your Life Like a Boss with OneNote

Por ejemplo, puede tener todas sus fotos de Instagram guardadas en OneNote e incluso tener todas sus fotos en Facebook guardadas en una de sus notas.

11. Simplifica la vida con listas de verificación

Si hay ciertas cosas que está olvidando constantemente, a veces puede ayudar a crear procesos o una serie de listas de verificación para hacer que cada paso sea más fácil en el futuro..

12 Ways to Run Your Life Like a Boss with OneNote

Esto podría ser una lista de cosas para empacar para unas vacaciones, para la niñera, para organizar una fiesta, etc. Guárdelas en una sola pestaña de OneNote, y siempre están a solo unos clics de distancia para que pueda descansar más fácilmente..

12. Lluvia de ideas y toma de notas

Y, por último, querrá usar OneNote para lo que realmente fue diseñado:toma de notas y lluvia de ideas..

12 Ways to Run Your Life Like a Boss with OneNote

A estas alturas, probablemente podrá ver la mayoría de lo que es capaz de hacer OneNote. Cuando toma notas, puede insertar capturas de pantalla, listas, texto, tablas e imágenes. Incluso puede insertar elementos de dibujo como líneas y flechas, lo que puede hacer que la lluvia de ideas sea mucho más visual. Cada una de estas notas puede organizarse como mejor le parezca.

Una base para todo

Almacenar toda esta información y mantenerla organizada es sencillo en OneNote. Como se muestra, la cantidad de cosas que realmente puede hacer un seguimiento de la aplicación significa que puede ejecutar una gran parte de su vida desde un solo lugar.

Al utilizar algunas de las ideas anteriores, podría ir mucho más lejos. Puede mantener una lista de contactos, una galería de tarjetas de visita, una lista de suscripciones en línea. Básicamente, cualquier cosa que desee vaciar de su mente se puede descargar en OneNote para que pueda acceder en un momento que le resulte conveniente..

Y para muchas de las aplicaciones que no quiere decir adiós, OneNote podría incluso integrarse con ellas para simplificar aún más esos procesos..

¿Qué más le gustaría poder almacenar en OneNote??