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5 Unique Trello Tips for Project Management

Trello is a great tool for managing projects and tasks. For Project Management A Trello Guide to Life and Project Management A Trello Guide to Life and Project Management Trello can help you get organized. It is a free tool to manage any type of project. Read this guide to understand its basic structure, navigation, and how Trello can help you. With Trello, you can use its built-in tools for organization, tracking, and communication.

However, what really makes Trello stand out are those time-saving features to the little extras. You may or may not know these tools exist, but using them can make managing your next project more productive.

The Kanban Method and Trello

As a project manager, you have probably learned about the Kanban technique. How to manage tasks with the Japanese Kanban technique. How to manage tasks with the Japanese Kanban technique. Kanban is a Japanese recipe for making things. It is an organization technique originally developed for the Toyota production line. We show you how you can implement it for yourself or on your team. Read more for now. Kanban is basically a visual method of managing items.

Kanban is a Japanese word and the technique started with the Toyota Motor Company decades ago. And although it was later used for inventory management, this method has been used successfully in all kinds of industries. This is because the process can be applied not only to the delivery of physical items, but to services, tasks, and as a productive project management tool:

So how does Trello come into play with the Kanban method? Trello is a tool to manage projects and tasks for individuals and companies, and uses this technique. You create your board (Kanban), add lists (which are the columns), and then insert cards (which are the tasks or items within the lists).

5 Unique Trello Tips for Project Management

Along with the visual underpinnings of the Kanban method, Trello offers a variety of features that make it a wonderful product management tool. Some of those features include reminders. An easy way to set reminders with Trello. An easy way to set reminders with Trello. There are plenty of ways to set reminders these days, but if you use Trello regularly, then this nifty card trick might be the one for you. Convenient option for you. Read More

With all of this in mind, you can easily manage most projects with Kanban and Trello. And, since most of Trello's features are pretty self-explanatory, let's explore the ones you might not know about or how to use them more effectively for your project.

1. Connect cards and boards

There may be times when it is effective to connect different cards and Trello boards. For example, you can work with the same team on multiple projects. The Fool Proof System for Planning and Managing Multiple Projects The Fool Proof System for Planning and Managing Multiple Projects Complete Horizon Planning is an easy system to manage multiple active and inactive projects. It's incredibly unbreakable when it comes to those guaranteed daily distractions. We show you how to set it up digitally. Read More Or maybe you work with intersecting elements where a single task needs to be completed for more than one project.

In these cases, Trello has a feature where you can connect one card or board to another in just three clicks. With the card open, click Add Card button on the Add Comment window, select a table or a card and press Save .

5 Unique Trello Tips for Project Management

When that card is displayed, you can click on the connected card or the board link to go directly to it. This makes referencing other elements within Trello quick and simple. Just keep in mind that if you use this only for certain team members, they'll need access to those items to see them. Alternatively, you can allow members to access the board without an invitation in the board settings.

2. Convert checklist items to cards

With Trello's checklist feature, you can easily add a list of items to a card. This is useful for when the card represents a task where multiple items need to be completed, such as subtasks 11 Trello Tips and Workflow Features for Developers 11 Trello Tips and Workflow Features for Developers Do you use Trello to plan programming projects? The task manager app can do wonders for your next coding challenge. We have some Trello tips to share. Read more . But what if you discover that one of those items is a task in itself that needs its own card? You don't have to delete the checklist item, go back to the list on the board, add a new card, and insert your mentions. You can just convert it.

Open the checklist card, click the three dots icon next to the element, and then select Convert to card . The object will be moved from the checklist a Your own card on that list. This is great when you need it because the item will carry over to team member mentions and even emojis you attach.

5 Unique Trello Tips for Project Management

And remember, if you want the new card to be in a different list, just use Trello's drag-and-drop action to move it around. Or you can click the Move button below the Behavior card to select the new list (or board).

3. Save time with onboard email

Trello offers a nice feature where you can create a card by sending an email. 5 Productivity Tips Every Trello User Should Start Using 5 Productivity Tips Every Trello User Should Start Using Part of the reason Trello is so great is that it has several productivity features built into it. Right on the platform. Here are some that will prove useful. Read more . Each board has a unique email address just like each team member. While it may seem easier to just open Trello and create the card, you may want to turn an email you received into a card. To save time, you can simply forward that email to the Trello board and adjust the format to create the card.

To get your email address, click Show menu> More> Email-to-board settings . You can then copy the address, generate a new one, or receive it by email. You can also select the list and the position where the new cards should appear.

5 Unique Trello Tips for Project Management

Here are the basic formatting rules for turning emails into cards:

  • Subject line:Card title
  • Email body:Description of the card.
  • Attachments:Automatically added to the card.
  • Email size:below 10 MB

If you want the card to have a specific label, add #labelname, #labelcolor, or #labelnumber to the subject line.

If you want the card to contain a specific username, add @username to the subject line or to your own line in the body of the email.

For another great time saver, you can also email a note to an existing card. Each card also has its own email address and your email will appear in the comments section of the card. To see the email address of a card, open it and click Share and more at the bottom right.

5 Unique Trello Tips for Project Management

4. Share boards on the go

You already know that Trello is available on the web. But this handy tool is also available for Android and iOS mobile devices. And since many of us don't leave our work at the office, there may be situations where you need to share a board on the go.

To share a board from the Trello app, tap the three dots icon From the top right. Then tap the share icon and choose your method. This allows you to quickly send a link to that board to your team member. Depending on your device and sharing settings, you may have a variety of different options than the image below.

5 Unique Trello Tips for Project Management

So the next time you're waiting at the airport on a business trip, in a coffee shop before work, or on public transportation on your way home from the office, you can still take care of business. /P>

Download: Trello for Android | iOS (free)

5. Take a look at Power-Ups

To make your process even more powerful 11 ​​Essential Trello Integrations That Make Your Work Easier 11 Essential Trello Integrations That Make Your Work Easier Trello is an incredibly easy-to-use tool for productivity. You can make it more fun by integrating Trello with great third-party apps. Stay on track and get things done with these tools. Read More These are tools that you can incorporate into your boards to maximize them. To see a list of these from your dashboard, click Show me the menu from the top right and then choose Boosters . You can also visit the Trello Power-Ups website.

Here are several common Power-Ups and how you can use them for project management.

  • Calendar:View due dates on a calendar, change them with drag and drop, and view completed tasks by marking dates complete.
  • GitLab:Attach GitLab merge requests to Trello cards for software development projects and create links between them.
  • Jira:Create Jira tickets from Trello cards, link directly to them, and monitor Jira issue statuses from within Trello.
  • TeamGantt:View Trello cards as a timeline, include dependencies and resources, and turn projects into Gantt charts.
  • Corrello:Manage sprint progress, view historical activity, and use charts and diagrams to identify bottlenecks.

5 Unique Trello Tips for Project Management

Within the menu, simply click the information icon next to the Power-Up for more details and press the Enable Button to continue with the activation. Note that free accounts give you one Power-Up per card, but if you have a paid business account, you can use an unlimited number of them.

What is your favorite Trello feature?

If you are a current Trello user, then you know that the scope of its features is much larger than this list of suggestions. And with more tools, Power-Ups, and integrations being added all the time, it just gets better. And remember that along with business and professional situations, you can use Trello for individual purposes. 10 Unique Uses Of Trello Other Than Project Management 10 Unique Uses Of Trello Other Than Project Management Trello is a lovers delight. His Kanban-style approach was not intended just for project management. Don't you believe us? Check out these ten unique uses of Trello. Read More

What is your favorite Trello feature? Is it something mentioned here or a gem you just discovered? Share it with us in the comments below!