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8 Vital Google Sheets Plugins for Better Spreadsheets

Google Sheets is a free and powerful tool for creating spreadsheets. The ability to collaborate with others on spreadsheets is particularly useful.

However, there's another element of Google Sheets that many people don't know about:add-ons. Think of Google Sheet Add-ons as the equivalent of browser extensions, but specifically for Google Sheets.

How to access and choose Google Sheets add-ons

You can browse the available plugins with a few clicks. Start by opening a Google Sheets document. Then find the plugins menu at the top of the screen. From there, take your pick. Get plugins .

Hovering over any plugin in the gallery describes the functionality of a plugin. The description includes a blue button with a plus sign. Clicking it will install the plugin.

Check your installed plugins by clicking the plugins menu in Google Sheets. They appear in the drop-down list for easy access.

Plugins exist for just about every purpose imaginable. Below is a list of some designed for better productivity.

1. Combine Sheets

This is a great plugin to try when you need to combine data from two sheets. Meet that goal through a five-step process.

All you need is at least one common identifier column on both sheets. The tool takes the information from those shared columns and brings it together into one.

After the tool completes a merge, it provides you with a summary of the changes. That information helps you keep accurate records. It could also highlight unnecessary material on one or both sheets.

This plugin is free with an annual subscription available.

2. From the sheets to the calendar

This plugin combines the convenience of Google Sheets and Google Calendar. Helps you create calendar events in batches and import them into Google Calendar to save time.

Consider using it if you have an employee birthday calendar or volunteer schedule. It works well for any use of Google Calendar that involves numerous events.

The free version allows you to import up to 20 events Right away. If you get the paid version, it allows you to work with up to 100 events in a batch. Using this plugin prevents you from switching between Google Sheets and Google Calendar too often. Avoid using a more cumbersome method to add events.

This plugin is free with a full version for a one-time fee of $1.

3. Power tools

Working with spreadsheets often involves a lot of repetitive tasks. The power tools plugin allows you to minimize some of them. It offers a dedicated toolbar designed to apply a feature or change to cells in bulk. The toolbar includes categories of tasks and creates a list of the most frequently used functions.

In the remove group , you can get rid of extra characters in cells or remove blank rows. the data group allows you to merge sheets and rows, as well as combine content from multiple sheets. Because power tools offer so many options in one place, you can streamline your workflow.

This plugin has a full 30-day trial version available with an annual subscription for $29.99.

4. Remove duplicates

There are some basic rules you can use to reduce data entry errors, and then there are helpful shortcuts like this plugin. Has two built-in capabilities .

The former gets rid of the duplication through a four-step process. The other examines values ​​from two columns and sources of repeated information.

Incorrect information in a spreadsheet can lead to unnecessary confusion and wrong conclusions. If you know that duplication is the most common error in your spreadsheets, this plugin reduces the associated problems.

This plugin has a 30-day trial with an annual subscription available at $16.80.

5. Advanced search and replace

Find and Replace is a useful feature that allows you to make quick and precise alterations to the spreadsheet. Instead of just relying on your eyes to locate parts of a spreadsheet that require editing, use technology.

Depending on the scope of your task, the normal search and replace option may not be enough. If that's the case, the advanced find and replace plugin is a good substitute.

It lives up to its name by offering more capabilities than you normally find and replace. It checks the information inside the cells, looks at the link text and the things you type in the note fields.

Search Through Formulas and Custom Values ​​How to Create Custom Functions in Google Sheets How to Create Custom Functions in Google Sheets With Google Scripts you can go outside the spreadsheet cell and code your own custom functions. Is easier than it looks like. We will guide you through the process. Read More When you need something else, choose this plugin to work more efficiently.

This plugin has a 30-day trial with a $1.99/month subscription after that.

6. Email Address Extractor

Google Sheets isn't just for number-related data. You can also use it to create a list of sales leads, business contacts, or attendees. Once one is complete, it is an excellent resource. However, creating the list can take a while if you do it manually.

By using the email address extractor plugin, you can eliminate time-wasting steps. This is because this tool searches your Gmail account and extracts emails from it.

In addition to looking through fields like To:, From:, and CC:, examine the subject lines and message bodies. That means no matter how people send you their contact details, this tool will find and compile them.

Within the plugin settings panel, you can be more specific. For example, set it to only look at messages with certain words in the subject line . Alternatively, configure advanced criteria , such as unread content older than three days.

After running an extraction process, notice the two tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet. One shows you all the emails found. The other section lists all unique emails.

Using the second tab makes you immediately aware of duplicate content. That might reduce the chance of finding it later and slowing you down as a result.

The free version of this plugin extracts up to 500 addresses from Gmail. It's free with premium versions costing $29/year for individual users and $299/year for organizations.

7. Find fuzzy matches

In addition to the potential problems created by duplicate information, you should also be aware of typographical errors. Correct them as soon as you see them. Otherwise, it's unnecessarily difficult to interpret your spreadsheet.

By installing this plugin and adjusting the settings, you may discover minor or serious spelling errors. Then correct them in seconds and have more confidence in the accuracy of your data.

The plugin makes suggestions to correctly spell typos. Choose one of those, like using autocorrect on your phone. You can also enter a correction in the field.

It is also possible to view groups of errors. So if you often misspell Adams by typing too many D's, this tool might highlight the patterns. Provides awareness that helps you change your bad habits. Want to create a life-altering habit? Try a Micro-Challenge Today Want to create a life-altering habit? Try a micro challenge Today's habits can be hard to change. The secret is in taking small steps. Make or break your habits with the help of these challenge-based apps. Read more.

This plugin is free..

8. Translate my sheet

There may be times when you need to make a spreadsheet for a non-English speaking recipient. This translation-ready plugin is a useful addition to Google Sheets with support for over 100 languages .

A useful feature of this is that you can translate an entire sheet or just selected cells. Also, like Google Translate, it can automatically detect the source language. Use the Drop-down menu to choose the desired output language.

In addition to saving you time, this plugin could prevent you from hiring expensive translators. It is particularly useful for making spreadsheets with multiple languages ​​represented in the documents.

This plugin is free..

A note about plugins with subscription costs

You can purchase a premium subscription for any applicable plugin listed above in Google Sheets. Pay attention to the pop-up window indicating that you have several days left for the test. A subscription link specifies the cost and duration of a subscription. You'll find that information in the plugin descriptions above when they become available.

However, in some cases, it is not possible to see the price of a subscription in the early stages of a trial. This is probably to help you realize how the plugin could benefit you before you pay.

How much time do you save with plugins?

After reading this list, you can use Google Sheets in ways that seemed impossible. Since some of the plugins allow you to make consistent changes across multiple cells, you can also automate tasks.

It only takes a few seconds to install a plugin. Doing so might give you more time in your day to take care of other things. Try using the plugins discussed in this article to save time throughout the day and be your best!

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