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Get a free gift certificate template for Microsoft Office

If you're looking for a gift certificate template for your business 10 Free Business Form Templates You Must Have on Hand 10 Free Business Form Templates You Must Have on Hand Business templates can save you a lot of time. Here's a selection of business form templates that you can download for free. Meet more customers, employees or friends and family, you don't have to look far for an attractive design. These templates have great themes for holidays and birthdays or any time of the year.

You can use just one for all occasions or use a few different ones to mix things up. Either way, these templates are fully customizable.

Gift certificates for the occasion

You can choose gift certificates with specific themes for birthdays or holidays. Maybe you'd like to use one for a friend's birthday or maybe your company is giving them out for a holiday gift. Go the extra mile and keep themed gift certificates on hand with these holiday options.

Unique birthday certificate

From Microsoft Office, this birthday gift certificate is appropriate for anyone and any age. You can download it if you have Word, or edit it online with your Microsoft account.

Just insert the donor's name and gift inside the brackets and you're good to go. And remember, you can swap the images for your company logo or banner if you want.

Multiple birthday certificates

If you prefer to create smaller certificates, this option from Vertex42 gives you three on one page. You can fill in your company name and contact information at the top of each one. Then print the page, separate the certificates and fill them in as customers buy them.

Poinsettia Certificates

For a lovely holiday theme, Microsoft Office offers this three-on-a-page poinsettia template. You can enter your name with your physical address or use your phone number, email address, and website. If you want to print these, just remove the Container and Gift details Text and fill in the information as needed.

Summer Certificates from Santa

Add some humor to your Christmas gift certificates with this summery Santa theme. Simply enter your company name or logo at the top. You can then print and separate the certificates along the dotted lines and they are ready to use. You can edit the fields you don't need, like group or department, and replace the text with the actual gift details.

Snowflake Certificate

Another cute holiday gift certificate template is from Save Word Templates and the titled Flake Gift Certificate to Your Site. This one has snowflakes and a cartoon character holding a present. You can swap out the text at the bottom to include a custom one. Also, you can use the place at the top to write a custom message.

Gift certificates for any occasion

When you want to use an all-purpose gift certificate, you'll find plenty of options from charming and colorful to formal and elegant. The great thing about these templates is that you can use them for any occasion.

Your customers can buy them for stocking stuffers, birthday surprises, or anniversary gifts. And you can use them for employee recognition gifts, raffles How to Get a Free Raffle Ticket Template for Microsoft Word Getting a Free Raffle Ticket Template for Microsoft Word Fundraising is a lot of work. Let us take some of this away for you and show you how to find templates and customize free raffle tickets. All you need is a word processor. Read more or gifts, and prize contests. Or you could use them for private gifts.

Certificate of Brilliant Design

This Microsoft Offices template gives you a gift certificate in bright, vibrant colors. For adults or children, this fun option is ideal for any occasion. You can use the text area at the top under the language of the gift to add your name, website or email address to customize it to your needs.

And if you like the layout, you can also check out the three-on-one-page version. Just keep in mind that there isn't as much room for customization.

Certificate expiration date

For a fully customizable template, Save Word Templates has this excellent certificate. It has places for your business name and contact information, a tracking number, an authorized signature line, and an expiration date.

This is ideal if you need those details to register your certificates. One of the main advantages of this template is that each text area is editable so you can fully customize it from top to bottom.

Note: This template is titled Loved Ones Gift Certificate on the Save Word Templates website.

Professional Gift Certificates

Vertex42 has an attractive template if you prefer three on one page. Certificates offer plenty of places for details like your company name, address, phone, website, and logo. It also includes the issue date, authorization, and certificate number areas. If you have a color printer, you can give your customers a choice between blue, green, or red border options.

Casual gift certificates

Also from Vertex42, this template is similar to the professional design but a bit more casual. There are three on a page, in blue, green, and red, plus all the same text areas for company information, dates, numbers, and an authorization signature.

Gold Award Gift Certificate

If you want to stick with a full page gift certificate design, this one from Microsoft Office offers a sleek look with an award theme. You can easily customize it with the prize or gift amount, your company details, and the presenter and recipient. This is a good template for an employee recognition award or contest winner, but it can be edited for most any type of gift.

Boy! Certificate and tracking template

When you need to keep track of gift certificates purchased and redeemed, make sure you're prepared. This handy Microsoft Excel template from Vertex42 gives you an easy way to record all the details.

Fill in the fields for the issue date, certificate number, recipient, authorization, amount, expiration date, and redemption date.

Remember, if you don't keep track of all those details, you can quickly edit the template to suit your needs.

Additionally, the workbook has a separate tab with a blue gift certificate template, three on the page. The certificates are customizable with your company details and very convenient to have in the same place as your tracking record.

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Keep your templates handy

Whether you're in a business where you offer gift certificates to customers or work in an office where you show employees appreciation with them, keep these templates close by. You also customize these templates for personal use. They're easy to edit, printable, and save you time.

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Is there a template you're looking for but seem to be having a hard time finding? If so, let us know and maybe we can dig one up for you!