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Best Flowchart Templates for Microsoft Office

Updated by Tina Sieber October 2017.

Creating a flowchart can be a very easy task for some. And if you follow our article, you can create a great one in Microsoft Word How to Create Awesome Flowcharts with Microsoft Word How to Create Awesome Flowcharts with Microsoft Word Used imaginatively, flowcharts can simplify both your work and your life. Why not try out some flowcharts with one of the easiest tools at hand:Microsoft Word? Read more . Even Excel lets you create flowcharts How to Create a Flowchart in Excel How to Create a Flowchart in Excel If you subscribe to Office 365, you can create flowcharts in Microsoft Excel. Here's how to set up a flowchart environment and create flowcharts right out of the box. Read more . But what if you prefer to use a flowchart template?

These templates for Microsoft Office let you quickly create a flowchart in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Whether for a business or personal purpose, you'll be off to a great start with these handy and easily editable options.

Why use a flowchart?

If you need to document or explain a process or procedure, there is no better way than with a visual. Instead of explaining the steps in a document, a flowchart provides a clear picture that is easy to follow. It can be used in most industries as well as in your personal life. 5 Flowcharting Habit Changes You Can Do in Just a Few Minutes. 5 Habit Change Flowcharts You Can Create in Minutes. Eliminate habits in your life? Let's try five powerful visual examples to set five healthy goals for our lives. Read more.

In addition, it can help in communication between groups. As described in the small business section of, a Houston-based newspaper:

For Microsoft Word

Process flow chart

A basic process flow diagram is most often used and is usually what people think of when they say "flow diagram." This template from gives you a complete process flow that you simply edit to suit your needs.

It is suitable for most any type of process flow.

Swim Lane Flowchart

If you want a flowchart that shows a process, but also breaks the steps down into categories, then you need a swimlane flowchart. As you can see in the screenshot below, the categories appear between parallel lines (lanes).

This type of flowchart, also from, is commonly used for business processes that involve more than one department.

For Microsoft Excel

Simple flowchart

If you prefer to use Excel to create your flowchart, check out this template titled Sample Flowchart Template on the website. (Note:There is no preview link to the template, so just scroll down the page until you see the title mentioned.)

Just like the Word template, you'll see a basic flow that's easy to edit.

Flowchart Set

The next option is a set of templates downloadable directly from Excel. Click File> New from your menu. Then in the search box enter the word Flowchart. You will then see the option simply titled Flowcharts . Select it and click. Create to download the set.

The amazing thing about this set is that you get eight different templates in one workbook.

Website templates and cash

These two templates are very similar in that they each use a downstream. They then expand and branch off into smaller pieces.

Decision Tree Template

The decision tree template also uses a downward flow but expands outward for each "yes" decision point. Each “yes” point offers a final decision.

Procedure and process templates

The procedure and process templates are simple and clean flowcharts. You can use them to show most types of workflows that involve decision making.

Project template

For a basic project workflow, the project flowchart template is an easy-to-understand option. But you can easily adjust the flowchart for larger projects.

Workflow Template

The workflow template is probably the simplest of the bunch. It shows a direct and top-down workflow.

Mind Map Template

More of a diagram than a flowchart, the mind map template provides an easy-to-use method for brainstorming by yourself or with a group.

For Microsoft PowerPoint

Data Flow PowerPoint Template

Maybe you would like to create your PowerPoint flowchart for a presentation The best free PowerPoint templates for your project presentation The best free PowerPoint templates for your project presentation How you present your project is at least as important as what you present, as your audience will. Remember that's how you made them feel. Wow them with professional project management PowerPoint templates. Read more or by simple preference.

This template from includes three different formats, each on its own slide. Although they are called "data flow" templates, you can use them for process flows as well.

Format 1

The first flowchart format is useful for a decision-making process. Simply enter your question in the red circle.

Format 2

The second format is ideal for situations where many pieces must be obtained or completed before a process can begin. You can also reverse it to start with the red circle and expand from there.

Format 3

The third flowchart format is useful when you want to show a simple process without a decision-based premise.

Process diagram

Another template for PowerPoint with two options is this process chart. The only difference between the two slides is that one uses colors while the other is gray. You can also check the third slide for the clipart used, making it easy to copy and paste onto another slide if needed.

Edit templates

Since each template is used in one Microsoft Office application, you can make changes to all of them using the same actions.

  • You can change the color by selecting the shape, right-clicking to open the popup, and then selecting your Fill color option.
  • You can edit the text by clicking and then inside the shapes.
  • You can delete objects by selecting them and clicking Delete button.
  • You can add similar objects by selecting them and using a copy/paste action.
  • You can add new objects by clicking Insert> Shapes and then make your selection.
  • You can move an object by selecting it and when the four-sided arrow appears, drag it to the new point.

One thing to note about Word and PowerPoint templates is that connectors will not Automatically follow if you move a shape. So keep in mind that you'll have to manually move them around if you rearrange the flowchart.

If you choose to use Excel instead, the connectors will be Follow when you move the shapes. This makes it easy to change the look without losing the flow.

Flowcharts are easy to create with templates

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However, if you only have the basics of Microsoft Office with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, then these templates are for you. There's no reason to create a flowchart from scratch, especially if you need one in a hurry. Pick your app, download one of these great templates, and start mapping out that flow!

Alternatively, try one of these free flowchart tools for Windows 7 The best free flowchart tools for Windows 7 The best free flowchart tools for Windows can help you streamline your work and life and free you from bad habits. But what is the best way to make a flowchart? We've found 7 great flowchart tools. Learn more or an online flowchart maker Top 7 Free Online Flowchart Makers Top 7 Free Online Flowchart Makers Do you need the ability to create flowcharts anywhere anytime without spending money? a lot of money, if at all? These are the best online flowchart tools that are free or reasonably priced. Read more.

Which Microsoft Office application do you prefer for creating flowcharts? Is one easier for you than another? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.