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Dyson is hiring via puzzle video

The household appliance brand Dyson is not satisfied with an effective CV, a convincing cover letter and a well-conducted interview to hire future members of its team. To hope to obtain a position in the British company, it will be necessary to use its small gray cells and to succeed in decrypting a coded video. A real headache!

Recruitment in four steps

During the 55 seconds that the video lasts, a voice-over recalls the values ​​of the brand and explains the principle of this recruitment like no other. We therefore learn that the candidates will have to face four tests before being able to meet the CEO and, who knows, maybe get a job! First step, therefore:find and solve the key to the first challenge that is hidden in said video. If Dyson recruiters decided to do this, it was to test the future employee's ability to think intelligently. For the moment, we do not know more about the next steps. But, already, it is necessary to be able to find the solution to the enigma of the video. We may have watched these 55 seconds of video several times, but we haven't found the solution yet... And you?