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Use These Excel Templates to Make Marketing Easier

Excel is a useful tool in several fields and industries, but nowhere are Excel templates more valuable than in the world of marketing.

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Seriously, can you imagine marketing without Excel? In a profession where managing staggering amounts of data is just another ordinary day, Excel is indeed an indispensable tool. Even if you've just entered the world of marketing, you've probably already realized that Excel is at the top of every marketer's software arsenal.

Although Excel may seem daunting the first few times, once you master using Excel Templates for Marketing, you'll never look back. That said, here are some handy Excel marketing templates to get you started.

Excel Marketing Budget Template

It doesn't matter how big your marketing budget is; whether you have tens of thousands of dollars to allocate or just a few hundred dollars, aligning your spending with your goals is critical to your marketing success.

Preparing for unexpected expenses is a crucial factor in any budgeting strategy, but it often requires more than just proper and thoughtful budget allocation. You should also keep a close eye on how you are spending compared to your planned expenses.

Lucky for you, Hubspot has developed the ultimate collection of marketing budget templates to help you better organize your spending. Whatever your current marketing activity, these templates will help you visualize and track spend, so you don't exceed your spend limits.

Annual marketing calendar

Use These Excel Templates to Make Marketing Easier

Although planning for the year ahead may seem like a daunting undertaking, it will be worth it. Preparing and organizing your business calendar well in advance will yield valuable long-term benefits. Even better, Smartsheet has an Annual Marketing Calendar Template that will help make the job much easier.

Marketers will really love how this template incorporates both annual and monthly planning into the design, as well as the fact that it covers a range of verticals! There's even space allotted to save raw, goal-oriented marketing data. Suffice it to say; this template is packed with features to help you achieve your goals every time.

Monthly marketing metrics

Use These Excel Templates to Make Marketing Easier

Digital marketing is an essential aspect of the marketing strategy of any modern business. However, you will never know how reasonable or effective your marketing efforts are unless you track them and evaluate their success.

With Hubspot's Monthly Marketing Metrics Template, you can measure traffic, leads, and conversions from different channels and at different time intervals so you can watch and scale the growth of your marketing efforts.

Having clear visuals of data points from when you started to currently find yourself is the best way to assess how far you've come and how far you can still go. It's also the most effective and consistent way to present your campaign's ROI to your clients and superiors.

Smart Goals Matrix

Whether you're planning a marketing strategy for the next month, the next quarter, or the year ahead, you need a set of clear goals that will take your marketing efforts where you want them to go.

Smartsheet has a set of SMART Goal Planning Templates that will not only help you set marketing goals, but also achieve them. These models were created with measurability, accessibility, relevance and speed in mind; to help your team determine their most important needs and, therefore, set you up for marketing success.

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