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How to make free business cards in Microsoft Word with templates

Do you want to save some money on business cards? Create them with Microsoft Word templates. You don't need great design skills as there are a variety of free business card templates for every profession.

Spend a little to buy good quality printer paper from a place like Avery or Staples. Customize business cards and get ready to hand them out.

It is easier than you think. And we show you how.

Still need a copy of Microsoft Word? This is how you can get free Microsoft Word. This is how you can get free Microsoft Word. Don't want to pay for the full Microsoft Word experience? Don't worry, here are some ways to use Microsoft Word for free. Read more ? Maybe you can get it for free:

Use built-in business card templates

One Of The Best Ways To Create Your Business Cards 13 Creative Business Card Ideas To Help You Stand Out 13 Creative Business Card Ideas To Help You Stand Out In the world of business, nothing helps you stand out more than a keepsake card. Visiting Here are some ideas to help yours stand out. Read More The reason is that you only have to fill in one card on the sheet and the rest will be filled in automatically for you.

To access business card templates within Word, click File> New . You can then browse business cards or select the Business or Cards category. Click on one to see a preview and its download size, then click Create to open and use it. There are several great options here.

Portrait with waves

If you like business cards in portrait view instead of normal landscape view, this is a good option. It offers a modern look with the waves in the center. This creates an attractive separation between your name, company, and title of your contact information.

Portrait with logo

Another good portrait option is the next one that has a place for your logo. Just click on the image Replace with Logo and insert your own. Remember, you can resize this area if you need more space for your image. The rest of the card has a professional look, making it an ideal template for most businesses.

Landscape with bamboo

If a bamboo theme works for your business, you'll like this Microsoft Word business card template. It's unique and clean with places for your name, address, phone number, email address, and website. Your name will appear in a nice shade of green to match the bamboo. However, you can change the color if you want your name to stand out better.

Landscape with world

For technical businesses, this clean template has a picture of the world on it. But remember, you can replace it if you prefer your own logo. You will notice that the website area is highlighted. This denotes a form field, which is how the rest of the cards are automatically populated with the details you enter.

Landscape for retail

If you're in the retail business, this attractive business card template has colorful little clothing and accessory images across the top. You can see there is a place for your tagline below the company name, which adds a really nice touch to this option.

Landscape with stripes

Maybe you want a little color on your business cards, but don't go overboard. This stripe template has a professional look and just the right amount of color. If you hover your mouse inside the hatched area, you can adjust the width, which is great if you want to highlight a specific color.

Try third-party templates for free

If you don't like any of the options that Microsoft Word offers, you can check out these third-party business card templates from Vertex42.

Just keep in mind that these templates don't fill all the cards automatically like the ones above. Although you have to fill in each card on the sheet yourself, you can do it easily with a copy and paste action.

Landscape with orange

If orange is your color, then this is your template. You can see that the orange works as a border making your company name stand out.

And to show how easy it is to copy your data to each card, take a look at this screenshot. Simply select all the text, right click and select Copy or use Ctrl + C , then move to the top point of the next card and paste it. To paste, right click and select Paste or use Ctrl + V .

Landscape with two colors

This card template can work for many types of businesses. It has a masculine two-tone look and plenty of space for your contact information. You'll notice that this template, in addition to the others you'll see on Vertex42, gives you places for your phone, mobile, and fax numbers.

Landscape Ink Saver

This template is called Ink Saver because the look is basic black, white, and gray with no other colors. It's the only one on this list like this, so if you prefer to keep your business cards color, this is the template for you.

Landscape with garnet

This block style business card gives you two simple colors. Their contact information is nicely separated from the company name. And you can see that there is a good amount of space to include your email address, phone number, physical address, and website.

Landscape with blue

If you like the block style template but don't like the colors, check out this business card. It has a blue look and a basic look. Once again, you have plenty of room for all your contact details.

Blank business card sheets

Perhaps you are very savvy with Microsoft Word and are familiar with adding pictures, colors, and blocks of text easily. If this sounds like you and you really want to create your own business cards from scratch, you can still use a template for sheet design.

Vertex42 has two different blank sheet options. One has 10 cards per sheet and the other has eight cards per sheet.

Have you used Microsoft Word for business cards?

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