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13 Free Templates to Create Event Invitations in Microsoft Word

When it's time for a celebration, whether it's a birthday bash, an intimate wedding, or a weekend blowout, creating your own invitations can save you time and money.

These free Microsoft Word invitation templates give you starting points for your next event. They are easily editable which means adding your own celebration details is a breeze. So, let's get the party started!

General Party Invitation Templates

If you're planning an after-hours gathering, a spring celebration, or just a fun party for no particular reason, here are your invitation templates. Also, take the help of some mobile apps to help you plan your party. 13 iPhone apps to plan and host an amazing party. 13 iPhone apps to plan and host an amazing party. If you're throwing a party, you'll want to get things right. Fortunately, there are some apps designed to help make it all work. Read more.

1. Business After Hours Party

When planning an out-of-office get-together for your co-workers, keep the invitation short and sweet. This after hours party template is exactly that. Just insert the date, time, and optional location on this business-themed invitation and you're good to go.

2. Spring or seasonal party.

For an easy way to invite friends to a barbecue or outdoor celebration, this template has a spring flower theme. The host, when and where placeholders are artistically mentioned at the top and there's plenty of room below to add any more details you need for a fun party.

3. General or elegant party.

Maybe your event is at night or you just want a fancier theme. This one does the trick with its purple, blue, and leafy appearance. Just add the date and time, location, RSVP details, and if your guests need to bring anything. Remember, you can fully edit this text to fit your celebration.

Birthday Party Invitation Templates

Adult birthday parties don't often include colorful character themes like children's parties. So for teens and more, check out these birthday party invitation templates. And, here are some gift ideas for your geeky friends. 6 All-in-One IoT Birthday Gifts for Your Geeky Friends. 6 All-in-One IoT Birthday Gifts for Your Geek Friends. An IoT-based gift this year? Get them something that gives them all the functionality they need in one purchase. Read More

4. Birthday party with balloons.

For men or women, this birthday party invitation fits all. It features colorful balloons, matching streamers, and a simple border. Enter the birthday honoree's name with party location details and you're ready to ship.

5. Birthday party with a cupcake.

Perhaps you prefer a cupcake over balloons. If so, here's a cool birthday party invitation template. With a photo of a cupcake decorated with a single lit candle, there's plenty of room for all the details. Whether for a teenager or an adult, this option is suitable for all ages.

6. Printable Birthday Party

If you prefer to print your birthday party invitations, this template is a good one. Its colorful balloons, streamers, confetti, and background match the inside (or back) of the invitation that contains the details. It comes on two separate pages, so you can decide how to print it and adjust it to suit your needs.

Wedding invitation templates

If you want to take the help of technology to save money 6 Digital Wedding Invitation Apps to Save Money and Time 6 Digital Wedding Invitation Apps to Save Money and Time Are you planning a wedding and not planning to send physical invitations? These Android and iPhone apps will help you make amazing digital invitations. Read More They are printable, so you can still physically send them to your guests. And, check out these creative invitation ideas. 13 creative ideas for wedding invitations that you will love. 13 Creative Wedding Invitation Ideas You'll Love Do you want to differentiate your wedding from everyone else's? Here are thirteen creative invitation ideas that can inspire you in a truly out of this world direction! Read more too.

7. Printable Traditional Wedding

For an elegant and traditional wedding invitation, this first option has attractive, tasteful fonts with minimal images. The template offers two invitations per page, making it easy to print. The date and time information is written in words instead of numbers, for a nice traditional invitation.

8. Simple wedding to print

The following wedding invitation template offers a simple black and white theme with a single ring of leaves around the names of the bride and groom. Featuring just the date, time, and location, this basic invitation also comes with two per page for easy printing.

9. Printable Floral Wedding

If you want a little more color in your wedding invitation, take a look at this attractive template. The date and time details are in a traditional format and everything is contained in the center surrounded by a floral background. Another template with two on one page, this one gives it a modern and traditional feel.

Graduation Party Invitation Templates

For guys or girls graduating from high school or college, these graduation party templates are great. Whether you want to keep it simple or include an attractive photo of the graduate, there are two super options here.

10. Simple graduation

For a universal graduation party invitation, this template can be used for graduates ranging from kindergarten through college. It has basic colors, themed images, and very little text to wrap. Add the date, time and location of your ceremony or party and you're ready to go.

11. graduation photo

Maybe you'd like a truly unique invitation for your graduation party. This one is more suitable for those graduating from high school and above. Insert your favorite photo of the graduate, exchange the details and send a unique invitation to the ceremony or party.

Baby shower invitation templates

Help your friend or family member get ready for their new bundle of joy. Take on the task of creating and sending baby shower invitations with these adorable templates. And, Don't Forget to Set Up Your Baby Registry How to Create an Amazon Baby Registry Everyone Will Love How to Create an Amazon Baby Registry Everyone Loves When your baby is about to arrive, your friends and family will be asking what they must buy. for a new one. The Amazon Baby Registry is the perfect place for a Baby Needs list. Read more.

12. Blue Floral Baby Shower

This cute baby shower invitation template is complete with dots for the party hosts and their contact information. There's also a sweet intro, which you can delete if you prefer. Then add the mom-to-be's name, time and date, and location.

13. Green and Yellow Baby Shower

If you prefer to stay color neutral, this green and yellow printable invitation is lovely with its baby footprints and pacifier. After completing the sections for the baby shower details, print the invitation and fold it into quarters. If you want an invitation in a greeting card style, this is a great template.

Let the celebrations begin!

While these invitation templates don't cover every type of celebration you can have, they do cover the most common ones. Hopefully, there's one here to suit your next party or event.

And if the event you are planning is a wedding, you are in luck! You can visit these sites to save money on your wedding and get rid of your stress while planning your big day. Weddings Are Stressful:12 Websites For Stress-Free Planning Weddings Are Stressful:12 Websites For Stress-Free Planning While wedding planning will never be easy, it certainly doesn't have to be stressful. How much easier wedding planning can be if someone points you to the right tools. Read more.