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How to create meeting templates in Google and Outlook calendars

If you use templates for office documents, such as agendas The 15 Best Meeting Agenda Templates for Microsoft Word The 15 Best Meeting Agenda Templates for Microsoft Word These meeting agenda templates for Microsoft Word can give any type of meeting a great start. meeting. Learn More, Meeting Minutes Top 12 Meeting Minute Templates for Professionals Top 12 Meeting Minute Templates for Professionals Here are the best meeting minutes templates for Microsoft Word, Microsoft OneNote, Evernote, and Google Docs. Read More The problem is that they can be hard to find, and depending on the calendar you use, maybe even harder.

For Google and Outlook calendars, you can create your own handy templates in just minutes. They are perfect for non-recurring meetings when you want to repeatedly use the same schema with only minor edits. You can create as many as you like for different types of meetings and then use them in a couple of clicks.

For Google Calendar meetings

Go to your Google Calendar on the web and sign in. Choose a date and time to create an event as you normally would and go to the event details page. You can do this by double clicking the date and time to get to the page. Or click once to open the popup and then click Edit Event .

Now, on the event details page, fill in the information for the title, location, description, and other sections as needed. The items you fill in will stay within the template which is handy. But, you can also edit them. When finished, click Save .

Once you save the event, you will see a link at the bottom of the details page to Publish Event . Click on that link and in the section of the popup labeled Or copy the link , do exactly that:copy the link.

Open a new browser tab or window, paste the link in the address bar, hit the enter key, and you'll see your event. Then bookmark that link for future use of the template. When you reopen the template from the bookmark, you can make any changes you need. Choose a new date and time and adjust the other items.

When you save and send the invitation, it won't affect your original event. You can use it over and over again as a template.

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For calendar events

Creating an event template is a bit more complicated in your calendar. And although you will use it differently, it is still useful. Sign in to on the web and open your calendar. Double click on a date and time to open the event details page or click and select More details in the popup window.

You should now be on the event details page. At the top, click the button for My templates to open the template sidebar. You will see the email templates already listed and you can create your own. These email templates are convenient for messages, but can also be used for events, which is what it will do.

Click Model to create a new one and then give it a title. This title will not be displayed anywhere in your event. But the description section will show up, so this is the information you need to fill in. When finished, click Save .

Now when you are on an event details page, you can open the My Templates sidebar and click on that template you created. Note that when you do this, the description you filled in will automatically be included in the event description. Then continue to fill in the rest of your event details.

While only your event description field can be filled in with the template, it still saves time for long outlines or meeting agendas.

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For Outlook desktop app meetings

To create and use a template in your Outlook desktop app, you'll need the Developer tab on your ribbon. If you don't see it, you can easily add it. Click File> Options> Customize the ribbon . Then check the box next to Developer on the Customize Ribbon column and click OK .

Next, go to your calendar and double click on a date and time to open the event creation window. Fill in the details for the topic, location, and description as needed. In the event window ribbon, click Developer tab, the Publish arrow, and then pick Publish form as from the list.

In the next pop-up, select a location to save your template and complete the Monitor and Form Name fields. Click Publish . You can now save your event if you want to keep it, or close the event window without saving it if you only used it to create the template.

To use your template, open your Outlook Calendar and click Developer tab on the main calendar ribbon. Navigate to where you saved the form within the popup window, select the template, and click Open . Now you can fill in the event details, save it and send it to your participants as usual.

As with the Google Calendar template, any changes you make will not affect your original event.

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Examples of meetings and events

If you normally set up recurring meetings, a template may not be necessary because the details remain within the request. But if you set up a lot of different meetings on a regular basis, templates can be very helpful. Here are just a few examples of when to use these convenient tools:

  • Team and status meetings
  • Product Discussions
  • Project update meetings.
  • Employee comments
  • Meetings of charitable organizations.
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Committee meetings

Templates just save time

Spending a few minutes of your time creating these templates can save you even more time later. And if you often set up meetings or events with similar details, why not use a template? They don't just save you time 10 Office Time-Saving Templates 10 Office Time-Saving Templates Are there documents you write over and over again? Whether it's agendas, invoices, or meeting status reports, templates can make your job easier. We've collected 10 template ideas to save you time. Read More

Try it out and create a template for your Google or Outlook calendar events and let us know what you think!