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Best Free Outlook Project Management Plugins

When you're busy managing a project, any tips, tricks, or tools that improve your productivity can be of great benefit. And, whether you use Outlook (not to be confused with Hotmail) Hotmail is dead. Microsoft Outlook email services explained. Hotmail is dead. Microsoft Outlook email services explained. Outlook web, Outlook Online, or other, let's explain. Learn more) just for emails, simple project management, or a bit of both, why not extend it with tools that can help?

These handy Outlook add-ins can help you with emails. 6 Free Microsoft Outlook Plugins for Better Emails. 6 Free Microsoft Outlook Plugins to Improve Emails. Add-ins can add functionality that Outlook lacks by default. We show you six free add-ins to increase productivity and fun within Outlook. More information, tasks, tasks, communication, reminders and general project management. Best of all, they are each free. Give them a try and see which ones increase your efficiency on your next project.

1. Trello

You can use Trello for projects. Trello Guide to Life and Project Management Trello Guide to Life and Project Management Trello can help you get organized. It is a free tool to manage any type of project. Read this guide to understand its basic structure, navigation, and how Trello can help you. Read More Turn an email into a Trello card without leaving Outlook. When you're reading an email from the preview window or inbox message, just click Trello button in your Home tab.

When the small window on the right opens, choose your board and list. The subject of the email will be displayed as the name of the card and the body of the message as the description. However, you can edit both fields. You can also select a due date and time. When finished, click Add . You then have an option to view the card in Trello which will be displayed in a popup. Or you can just close the plugin.

There's no better way to add cards to your Trello boards from Outlook emails. You can save time and energy because it only takes a minute.

2. MeisterTask

If MeisterTask is your tool of choice, there's also an Outlook plugin. Similar to how the Trello tool works, you can quickly add a task to MeisterTask from your inbox or message window. Click the button on the toolbar and then choose your project and section from the side window. The subject line becomes the task name and the message body becomes the description, each of which can be edited.

When finished, click Create task . You will receive a confirmation of the task creation and can click to view it in MeisterTask. If you choose to open MeisterTask from the link, your default browser will open to the website, instead of a popup window.

If you wish to log out of MeisterTask and unlink your account for any reason, you can also do so from the task confirmation screen. Click the gear icon in the top right corner and tap Sign out and unlink my accounts button. Just remember, the next time you want to use the plugin, you'll need to log back into MeisterTask.

3. Wrike

One latest web-based project management tool with a great plugin for Outlook is Wrike. With this, you can turn an email into a task or add it as a comment, which is very useful. If you choose Convert to homework , You will see the subject line as the name and the body as the description, like the plugins above. But, this one gives you additional options. You can check a status, assign it to a team member, schedule it, add an attachment, and insert subtasks.

If you already have a task created and receive an email that needs to go with it, click Add as comment button instead. You can then search for a task or choose one from the list of recent ones. After selecting the task to add the comment to, you can fine-tune it just like when you create a task by adding more details.

One thing to note with the Wrike plugin is that as soon as you select one of the two buttons to make the email a task or a comment, it happens automatically. If you decide to add a status, expiration date, or assignee, that will update you. While this is convenient for a one-click task creator, just keep it in mind in case you need to delete any sensitive information.

4. Boomerang

Moving on to inbox productivity, Boomerang is a tool that allows you to schedule or snooze messages. You can also check meeting times, receive a read receipt, and share your availability. When composing an email, these options are available at the top of the Boomerang section of your tape.

Another great feature is the flexible reminder. You can return a message to your inbox on a designated date and time, randomly, or only if no one responds. This is a great way to make sure you never forget a follow up. Just click on the Open Boomerang Toolbar button in your inbox with the email selected or tapped Remember Me in the message window.

One more feature that is useful is Inbox Pause . Are you so distracted by emails flooding your inbox that you lose track of what you're doing? Or maybe you find yourself skipping over those messages instead of waiting? This is when you can use the inbox. It will prevent emails from coming in at the click of a button.

You can set an automatic reply, set delivery exceptions, or schedule messages for certain days and times. You can also check the option to Deactivate automatically If you are worried you can forget to turn it off. All of these options are displayed when you click Pause Inbox from your toolbar.

To stay focused on your project, get reminders to follow up with your team, and share availability for status meetings, Boomerang is a wonderful tool.

5. Evernote

Turn emails into notes and drop them right into your project notebook with the Evernote plugin. This tool may be simple, but it can be invaluable if you use Evernote for project items. How to Use Evernote as a Project Management Tool How to Use Evernote as a Project Management Tool Evernote offers more than note taking. No matter the chaos, you can turn Evernote into a project management tool. Let's see how you can use it to stay on top of your projects. Read more . From your inbox or message window, click Save to Evernote of the tape.

The name of the note is the subject of the email, which you can edit if necessary. Then choose a notebook, add a label, and include a comment if you'd like. Hit Save and that's it.

If you click the gear icon in the upper right corner, you can configure the notebook selection and labels by scrolling.

6. Moxtra

What is one of the most important parts of communicating with remote teams? The answer is a solid communication tool. 7 Slack Free Alternatives. You will love them. 7 Slack Free Alternatives. You'll love it. The clearance is excellent. It is. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't look for an alternative. Check out these seven alternatives that can meet your team's collaboration needs effectively. Read more . Whether your team is around the world or in the future, Moxtra is an app that helps you feel like you're in the same room. And, with the Outlook add-in, you can discuss project parts without opening another tool.

You can start a new Moxtra chat or meeting by clicking the button on your ribbon. You will then see a popup with the email contact information and a button for Invite they. And you can choose a folder from your list and chat regarding that specific project.

Moxtra es una herramienta de comunicación gratuita con integraciones y aplicaciones para empresas grandes y pequeñas. De forma gratuita, puede tener tres usuarios y cinco participantes por reunión, así como funciones adicionales. Para las empresas más grandes, eche un vistazo a los planes profesionales. Simplemente recuerde, el complemento de Outlook está disponible sin cargo y simplifica la comunicación del equipo del proyecto.

Complementos adicionales para la gestión de proyectos de Outlook

Si ya está trabajando con una aplicación específica o simplemente está buscando más complementos de Outlook para ayudarlo a administrar su proyecto, aquí hay otros que le pueden resultar útiles:

  • Jira por crear y actualizar temas.
  • Dropbox para Outlook para compartir archivos grandes
  • Smartsheet para Outlook para organizar proyectos
  • DocSend para el control de documentos
  • Kofax View + para combinar archivos de imagen y PDF
  • Tareas en una caja para Outlook para convertir correos electrónicos en tareas

Puede usar una o más de estas herramientas convenientes o está preparado para intentarlo. ¿Hay otros complementos de Outlook que usa para administrar proyectos? Los 5 mejores consejos de administración de proyectos para principiantes. Los 5 mejores consejos de administración de proyectos para principiantes? para ayudarte a empezar Lee mas ?