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How to automatically back up your Outlook data

If you're a fan of desktop email, you should ditch webmail for a desktop email client if... You should ditch desktop email for a desktop email client, if... A few years ago , webmail was all a fuss. Wondering if it's time to go back to a desktop email client? Look no further. We show you the merits of a local mail service. Read More Outlook stores your email data in a file with the extension PST. This contains all of your mail, calendar, and contact information.

You can browse this PST file by hand if you need to; maybe you are migrating to a new windows account. Fix Windows problems by creating a new user account Fix Windows problems by creating a new user account Have you fixed a Windows problem for No result? Creating a new user account could be your last resort. It's complicated, but we'll show you how to do it right. Read More However, if you want to back up this file regularly or if you need to move it but don't want to do it manually, there is a tool that makes it quick and easy.

Safe PST Backup is a free utility that backs up your Outlook data to any folder you choose. The site asks you to enter your email address before downloading, but you can follow this direct download link to bypass this. Once downloaded, install as normal and double click the new running icon in the system tray to open the secure PST backup.

Without many options, the tool is easy to use. Click inside the Backup Destination Folder box to choose a location for your backups. You should choose a different hard drive if you are using it for backup purposes. Then the Start Backup button will start the process. Once completed, the program will continue to back up your Outlook data once every four hours.

Click Options to change some ways Safe PST Backup runs. You can change the automatic backup schedule or turn it off completely. Most of the other settings won't be useful to you as they are designed for business use.

Do you have a broken inbox? See How To Repair Outlook With Its Repair Tool How To Repair Your Outlook Inbox With Repair Tool How To Repair Your Outlook Inbox With Repair Tool Did you know that Outlook comes with a repair tool to repair PST files? We'll show you how to use this and other troubleshooting steps for Microsoft Outlook. Read more.

Do you back up your Outlook data? Let us know if you use this or a similar tool in the comments!