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10 Handy Productivity Add-ins for Microsoft Word

Just like browser extensions 25 Firefox Add-ons That Will Make You More Productive 25 Firefox Add-ons That Will Make You More Productive For those who use Firefox, we have tips and add-ons that can help you successfully meet your productivity resolution. Read More When you're in the middle of reading, creating or editing a document, having quick access to actions and references means you can continue your work without opening another application.

We've compiled the best add-ins for Microsoft Word to improve your workflow.

Find, install and open plugins

Microsoft Word 2016 has an easily accessible store with a variety of categorized add-ins for Windows and Mac. With a document open, select the Insert tab and click Save . The Office Add-ons Store will open in a new window where you can browse by category or search for a specific add-in. Conversely, you can visit the Office Store online and select Add-ons from the top navigation.

10 Handy Productivity Add-ins for Microsoft Word

When you find a plugin using either avenue, you can simply click on it for additional details. If you're visiting the store from the popup within Word, you'll click Trust It button to install and if you are on the website, you will click the Add button.

10 Handy Productivity Add-ins for Microsoft Word

If you're installing an add-in from the online store, you might need to sign out and back in to Office 365 or close and reopen Word to see the new add-in.

Also, keep in mind that plug-ins typically come from third-party vendors, just like browser extensions, so please be aware of their terms and conditions, privacy statements, system requirements, and security.

To use your installed plugins, simply click on My plugins Insert button menu. This will open a window showing your options and double-clicking on a plugin will open it. You can also select the arrow next to the button to see recently used plugins and choose one from there.

10 Handy Productivity Add-ins for Microsoft Word

10 useful plugins for productivity

Now that you know how to locate, install, and open Word add-ins, take a look at these 10 convenient and useful options. Again, the goal is to increase your productivity by continuing to work on your Word document without the need to open another application.

1. Consistency checker

While Word has a decent spelling and grammar check tool, consistency is also crucial when creating a well-written, professional document. The Consistency Checker will scan your document for hyphens, numbers in sentences, spelling variations, common typos, and abbreviations in multiple forms.

10 Handy Productivity Add-ins for Microsoft Word

Once you click the Scan button, the plugin will display any inconsistencies found. For example, if you use the word email in a paragraph, but use email in another, these results will be displayed so you can make corrections for a consistent document.

2. Picket presentation images

If you're creating a brochure, school document, or presentation that requires images or would be enhanced by using them, Picket Presentation Images works great. You can open the plugin window and search for what you need, or select text in your document and choose the plugin from the context menu.

10 Handy Productivity Add-ins for Microsoft Word

If you use the plugin window, you can search by keyword, look at collections, or browse by category. Once you see an image you'd like to use, simply select it to view the details or click to simply insert it into your document.

3. QR Office

For documents where you want to create and insert a QR code 11 Great Browser Tools to Create and Read QR Codes 11 Great Browser Tools to Create and Read QR Codes QR codes are handy tools that provide a convenient way to share websites with friends or with ours. mobile devices. QR code creators are available for most browsers and for some, there are also readers. Read More Office QR is a wonderful tool. First, choose one of those options, then choose the light and dark colors, as well as the percentage of error correction.

10 Handy Productivity Add-ins for Microsoft Word

Once the code is generated for you, simply click to insert it into your document. From there, you can use the default editing features in Word to adjust the size and placement. Office QR is a useful tool when you have a social newsletter, sales brochure, or even a reference document for your team.

4. translator

For many business as well as personal situations, you may need to do text translations. 7 Quick and Easy Translators for Firefox 7 Quick and Easy Translators for Firefox What do you do when you come across a website that doesn't have a version in your language? ? Or, what if you're working with someone who speaks another dialect? Try these tools. Read More This tool is powered by Microsoft Translator and is extremely easy to use.

10 Handy Productivity Add-ins for Microsoft Word

You can highlight text in your document or enter it in the plugin window. The translator will automatically detect the source language; However, this can be adjusted. Then select the target language to see your translation. Insert the translated text by clicking on it and selecting Insert . This add-in offers the easiest way to translate the text you are reading or creating in Word.

5. Vertex42 template gallery

When it comes to templates for both Word and Excel, Vertex42 is a reliable and popular choice. With Office Word Templates Top 15 Meeting Agenda Templates for Microsoft Word Top 15 Meeting Agenda Templates for Microsoft Word These meeting agenda templates for Microsoft Word can give any type of meeting a great start. Read More

10 Handy Productivity Add-ins for Microsoft Word

When you open the plugin window, you will see several categories to choose from, both for personal and professional situations. Then just pick one and look at the template options. Once you've decided on the template you want, click Download and the Vertext42 website will open in a new window so you can get the template.

6. DocuSign for Word

If you are a DocuSign user, this Word plugin is a must have. Once you sign in with Office 365, DocuSign, or Microsoft, you decide who signs the document.

10 Handy Productivity Add-ins for Microsoft Word

You can select between other signers, solo signers, or both. If you make a mistake, you have quick options to correct it.

For example, if you are just signing, a window will open so you can continue or close if you made a mistake. If others are signing, you have the option to add additional people as well as yourself. Just enter the names and email addresses for the required signatures. You can also have your recipient simply receive a copy or review the document.

7. Search for symbols

If you're tired of searching for symbols within Word or can never find the one you want, see Finding symbols. This handy plugin displays symbols by category and also allows a keyword search.

10 Handy Productivity Add-ins for Microsoft Word

When you find the symbol you want, click it to insert it into your document.

This plugin also includes a convenient place for recently used symbols, which is wonderful for those you use most often. Just a note, if you click on the More In the category (three dots), you will see dozens of options, such as the registered symbol, double asterisks, subscript numbers, and many more.

8. Practical calculator

What could be more convenient than a calculator right inside Word? Perhaps you are calculating time sheets, project hours, or percentages for your document. With Handy Calculator you don't have to worry about looking for the calculator in your drawer or on your computer.

10 Handy Productivity Add-ins for Microsoft Word

By providing the most basic calculations, you never have to leave your document to get a figure or simply double check your numbers. Handy Calculator is true to its name.

9. Dictionary - Merriam-Webster [No Longer Available]

While Word's built-in thesaurus can be a convenient tool, the lack of a dictionary is disappointing. For a reliable, consistent, and trustworthy option, Dictionary - Merriam-Webster is a great plugin. If you need to look up a word in a document you're reading, or need to make sure you're using a word correctly when editing, this is a useful plugin.

10 Handy Productivity Add-ins for Microsoft Word

Complete with definitions and additional words that are linked, this plugin also comes with a bonus. If you use the Word Thesaurus after installing this add-in, you will also see the word definition at the bottom of the same window. It doesn't get any more convenient than that.


When you're reading a document that contains abbreviations that are confusing, the plugin can help. Simply open the plugin, select the abbreviation in the document text, and the plugin window will display the definitions.

10 Handy Productivity Add-ins for Microsoft Word

The results are clearly displayed and include not only the meaning of the abbreviation, but also the genre it belongs to. For example, if you are looking for an MBA, you will clearly see the difference in the meaning of business degree, banking association and airport code, and then you can apply them according to what you are reading or writing.

Removing plugins

If you no longer need or want a plugin you installed, removing it is simple. First, select the My plugins your Insert button tongue. Then click on the More (three dots) in the top right corner of the plugin. Select remove and then remove again in the confirmation popup.

10 Handy Productivity Add-ins for Microsoft Word

What are your favorite word complements?

Add-ins can completely change the way you use Word. Which ones work best for you depends on your workflow. Some Word users may find the translator or image search plugins most useful, while others can't live without the dictionary or calculator plugins.

Which Word add-ins do you find most useful? If you have other people, use 5 Microsoft Office Apps and Add-ins to increase your productivity. 5 Microsoft Office Add-ins and Apps to Boost Your Productivity. Microsoft Office supports add-ins that can make your life better. We've compiled a selection of useful productivity apps, primarily for Microsoft Word. They are easy to install in Office 2010 and above. Read More