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How to sync Microsoft Outlook with Google Calendar

It was 2014 when the disaster was triggered. Yes, Ebola and ISIS took over the headlines. But, the interruption of Google Calendar Sync It left behind two orphans:the Microsoft Outlook calendar and the Google calendar. The global tribe of productivity freaks attended the wake.

Don't get me wrong Both Microsoft Outlook Calendar and Google Calendar are smart project management tools. How to Use Outlook for Simple Tasks and Project Management How to Use Outlook for Simple Tasks and Project Management Outlook can work as a simple tool for managing projects and tasks. Here's how to set up Outlook Tasks to set reminders and due dates, assign to-dos, and track links. Read More So, there was something harmonious about bringing them together.

Why keep both Outlook and Google Calendars in sync?

Keeping two different calendars can be a trick. But there are some situations that make this handshake necessary. Is it any of these reasons? We'd love to hear more in the comments.

  • You work two jobs that use one of the calendars..
  • The two calendars may have different purposes:perhaps one is a personal calendar and the other is for work.
  • He travels a lot and trusts the Microsoft Outlook calendar on the desktop more than the Google calendar on the web. However, Google Calendar can work offline as well.
  • You have set up a Google Calendar for collaboration. How to make Google Calendar collaboration even smarter. How to make Google Calendar collaboration even smarter. There are many ways to make Google Calendar smarter. Here are eight tools to make your schedule work better for you with minimal effort on your part. Read More
  • Maybe, you love calendars and can't get away from them..

In the hustle and bustle of life, you'll want to see events on both calendars, side by side. Keep them in sync. These third party tools have entered the abyss left by the official plugin.

Google Calendar sync replacements

Keep Microsoft Outlook and calendar organized, which will increase your productivity. 6 Best Practices for Outlook to Boost Your Workflow. 6 Best Practices for Outlook to Boost Your Workflow. If you spend a lot of time using Outlook, you should investigate your workflow. Make your email work for you and save time for more important tasks. Read More

Calendar synchronization for Outlook and Google Calendar (free and paid)

Calendar Sync (ver. is software that allows you to set up a one-way sync with Microsoft Outlook or Google as the master. The one-way limitation is removed in the paid version. The free version also limits you to syncing appointments and events in the last 30 days.

How to sync Microsoft Outlook with Google Calendar

The Pro version ($9.99) allows you a two-way sync of all events and even use custom date ranges. The freedom to use multiple calendars and profiles is also an extra notch for the Pro version.

Free and Pro flavors are also available as portable versions. Let's highlight the main features of the free Calendar Sync utility.

Main characteristics:

  • Choose a calendar to sync.
  • Synchronize Outlook categories/colors with Google calendar.
  • One-way sync supports deduplication of events.
  • Match the Outlook prompt with a Google popup prompt with sync.
  • Automatically sync in the background every 5 minutes or set a fixed time.
  • Supports Google 2-step authentication, when enabled.
  • Synchronize events and mark them as private..

Outlook Google Calendar Sync (Free)

Outlook Google Calendar Sync (ver. 2.5.0 Beta) is completely free and supports two-way sync. This is the feature that makes the free face of the first software on this list difficult. Download it as an installer or as a portable app. The sync tool works on all versions of Microsoft Outlook from 2003 to 2016 64-bit.

How to sync Microsoft Outlook with Google Calendar

You can carry all event attributes from one calendar to another. Events can be combined with existing ones in a calendar. Also, get a warning before the tool removes a duplicate event.

The calendar sync tool is a better alternative for privacy experts. Events can be marked as private. Even the words in a subject line can be masked if you have security issues. You can also make it work behind a web proxy.

Main characteristics:

  • Select the attributes of the event to sync.
  • Set the frequency to sync calendar updates..
  • Set custom date ranges to cover all past and future events.
  • Sync the default calendar or choose from the other non-default Outlook calendars.
  • Supports full CSV exports of calendars.
  • Correctly sync recurring elements as a series..

Sync + Calendar (Free)

Calendar Sync+ (ver.1.4.0) also supports two-way movement of entries from Outlook to Google Calendar and vice versa. The description says that the tool is still undergoing improvements and more advanced features are on the anvil. It is compatible with Outlook 2007,2010, 2013 and 2016..

How to sync Microsoft Outlook with Google Calendar

Main characteristics:

  • Synchronize multiple calendars and tasks.
  • Use precise intervals to sync in hours and minutes..
  • Set a specific number of days (past and future) to sync or give a date range.
  • Sync event description, attendees, reminders, availability and more.
  • Merge calendar entries from one calendar to another.
  • Choose manual or automatic sync..
  • Use with a proxy connection.

gSyncit (paid and trial)

gSyncit is paid software ($19.99) that syncs Microsoft Outlook with a host of productivity apps like Toodledo, Wunderlist, Evernote, Dropbox, and Simplenote. You can use this to sync with Google account calendars, contacts, tasks and notes.

How to sync Microsoft Outlook with Google Calendar

The trial version is limited to Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook. And, you can only sync 50 entries and you can't sync contact, note or task deletions. Automatic synchronization is also disabled.

Main characteristics:

  • Available in 32 and 64 bit versions..
  • Synchronize Google event colors with Outlook categories.
  • Selectively choose to sync public and private appointments.
  • Customize sync options to control how, when, and what you want to sync.
  • Synchronization of multiple accounts is supported.

Note: I haven't used gSyncit Myself, so I welcome helpful feedback in the comments!

G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook (for Google Apps users)

If you're in a collaborative team, G Suite is a recommended cloud productivity tool. The suite includes Gmail, Docs, Drive, and Calendar. The business software also gives you interoperability with Microsoft Outlook and additional security options like two-step authentication and SSO.

G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook sets up the gateway between both tools. It was previously called Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook.

A detailed comparison between both calendars is available on the G Suite support page.

Main characteristics:

  • Synchronize multiple calendars with Google Calendar from Microsoft Outlook.
  • Include events, reminders, descriptions, attendees, and locations.
  • Share a Google Calendar calendar with other Microsoft Outlook users.
  • Free or busy status is synced across both calendars.

Use Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow is designed to be the IFTTT killer. Just like IFTTT, you can create automated workflows. 9 IFTTT Hacks To Superpower Your Life With Google Calendar 9. IFTTT Hacks To Superpower Your Life With Google Calendar Your calendar is an important part of your productivity, and managing it correctly can make a world of difference. The right IFTTT recipes can help you take charge of your Google Calendar and make it work... Read More

At this time, there are a total of 151 connectors for different online services and one of them is the bridge between Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook Calendar. Microsoft Outlook calendar is one that is included with

You can use the Google Calendar to Microsoft Outlook Calendar Connector to sync events between the two. Or, use the Calendar to Google Calendar Connector to bring a copy of an event created in Microsoft Outlook Calendar to your Google Calendar.

How to sync Microsoft Outlook with Google Calendar

Microsoft Flow cloud connectivity is a simple solution to keep both calendars in sync across all platforms.

Sync with smartphone apps

This will require a change in your calendar habit. But it gives you the easiest solution while you are on the go. Like most things these days, the solution is in your hand 24 × 7. Your smartphone Choose one of the three methods.

1. Use the calendar mobile apps

Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar have apps for Android and iOS. Installing both apps is a simple solution, but with timely notifications and smart scheduling, you can set both calendars for specific events.

Microsoft also introduced shared calendar support to its Outlook client recently. Now your contacts can also access specific Microsoft Outlook calendars.

Download: Microsoft Outlook for iOS | Android.
Download: Google Calendar for iOS | Android.

2. Use the iPhone calendar

The Calendar app on an iPhone and iPad can display a combined Google calendar and a Microsoft Outlook calendar. Go to Settings> Mail> Accounts> Add account> Choose both Google and

Sign in to both and allow synchronization. Any event added to any of the calendars will appear in your Calendar app.

3. Use Microsoft Outlook on Android

Install the Microsoft Outlook app from the Play Store. The app can connect to accounts in Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, iCloud, Yahoo, and Gmail. Choose Gmail with your login credentials to access both calendars.

Why do you use two calendars?

That is the question of productivity. Yes, it can help keep all your calendars up to date, but isn't that another overhead to handle? Both Microsoft Outlook and Google support multiple calendars, so using that option can make it easier to manage events across two different services.

I guess it all comes down to productivity around your schedules and events. And, habits to spare for a preferred calendar tool.

Tell us your reasons. And tell us in detail how you make two different calendars play well together. Which calendar do you prefer?

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