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This tip gives you precise ruler measurements in Microsoft Word

There are many reasons to use the ruler in Microsoft Word. You can set the precise indentation to format a paragraph or align graphics, text, tables, or other elements on a page. The ruler comes to the fore when you use Word for advanced document design How to Create Awesome Flowcharts with Microsoft Word How to Create Awesome Flowcharts with Microsoft Word Used imaginatively, flowcharts can simplify your work or life . Why not try out some flowcharts with one of the easiest tools at hand:Microsoft Word? Read more tasks. And at that point, you may need to see precise measurements instead of quick tabbed locations.

Let's see how.

The ruler is naturally hidden in the Word. To show the ruler, go to View> Place a check mark on ruler article (located in the Show group).

Note: By default, the unit of measure is “inches”. You can change it to "centimeters" or another unit of your choice. Go to File> Options> Advanced> Show measurements in units of . Click the dropdown menu to select the drive of your choice.

Now back to the ruler and two useful shortcuts for displaying exact measurements.

Click on a tab or in the ruler margin. Don't release the left mouse button. Now click the right mouse button. Hold down both mouse buttons while moving the mouse. You will notice that the ruler displays the precise measurements as you hold or move the mouse. At a glance, you can see the distance from the tabs to the edge of the paper and the distance between the two tabs.

There is an alternative way. Mouse over an edge. When the double arrow pointer appears, click the border and hold down the ALT key. Use the specific measurements shown on the ruler.

Both methods are useful for formatting neat table rows and columns in Microsoft Word 8 Formatting Tips for Perfect Tables in Microsoft Word 8 Formatting Tips for Perfect Tables in Microsoft Word Tables in Microsoft Word are essential formatting tools. Find out how to use them to their fullest potential with these simple tips. Read more.

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You won't need both of these methods for everyday word processing tasks. But they can open up a world of possibilities when a document becomes more demanding.

Do you feel frustrated with your tabs and your ruler? Do you use the ruler to set the tabs or do you prefer the Paragraph dialog?