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How to change the language in Microsoft Office 2016

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Microsoft Office is truly international software as it gives you the ability to change the language of its three main elements.

How to change the language in Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office allows you to have a combination of languages ​​for the three main parts of the Office program:

  • The interface
  • The editing and proofing tools.
  • Help files

You can set a language for the interface that matches your operating system, then choose a different language for your editing and testing tools, useful if you're working with a cross-cultural team, and then set the Help files to your native language.

But the method to change the language of any of the three is simple..

  1. Open any Office program. Go to File> Options> Language .
  2. Check if your desired languages ​​in the Choose Language Edit box.
  3. If it is not displayed, you can add a new language from the dropdown menu. The new language will be added to the list and the Proofing column will also show that the language is installed if the language accessory pack includes proofing tools for that language.
    How to change the language in Microsoft Office 2016
  4. If the keyboard layout and test column shows “Not installed” then you need to download the language accessory pack from Microsoft. Then just double click to install it.
    Note: The editing language consists of the keyboard layout and review tools for that language. Proofing tools include language-specific features like dictionaries to check spelling and grammar, or paragraph direction buttons.
  5. Set the language you want as the default.
  6. Restart the Office program for the changes to take effect.
  7. Go to Choose display language section to change the language of the display (user interface) and Help files.
  8. If your language accessory pack includes the display and language help, you should see it here. Change the order and set one as default. Reboot for the changes to take effect.

You can follow the same steps to set a default language when some error causes the above setting to change.